Do I need specialist cruise travel insurance?

Posted on July 13, 2012 by Kelly Edwards
Cruise ship

Embarking on a cruise is not the same as jetting off on a standard vacation, as anyone who has ever enjoyed such a trip will know. It typically involves visiting a whole host of destinations, relaxing days at sea and formal events. With this in mind, travellers may want to opt for dedicated cruise travel insurance rather than just going for their usual travel insurance policy. With this in mind, quality travel insurance will offer travellers full medical and repatriation cover for people going on this type of holiday, making the whole process a lot smoother and easier for the holidaymaker.

You will be visiting a number of destinations

One of the main attractions of a cruise holiday is that it gives people the chance to see many different places and sites while they are away. This indulges a sense of adventure and makes sure holidaymakers are never bored.

It is expected that the holidaymaker will be visiting a number of locations in a short space of time. As a result, travellers need to make sure they fill in all the countries and destinations their cruise will be calling at to ensure they are covered for the whole of the cruise experience.

You might be away for longer

While there are options for one and two week cruises, some people use the vessels to see the world, meaning they can be away for much longer. A good travel insurance provider understands the nature of such holidays, rather than trying to personalise a travel policy to cover long stay and short stay trips at various destinations.

You will probably take more luggage

If you are embarking on a cruise holiday, you will not want to be caught short when it comes to appropriate attire. While on board you will be expected to attend a number of events, some of which are extremely formal, while others are casual and others in between, meaning that you need a variety of evening outfits. Then there are all the places you will be visiting, as well as various excursions and activities – all of which will require appropriate outfits. If you add onto this that it is likely you will be away from home for longer, it is clear that the average passenger on a cruise is going to bring significantly more luggage than if they were just planning a beach holiday or city break.

Protection if you need to cancel

With cruise holidays typically being booked quite far in advance, there is a higher likelihood that you may be forced to cancel than if you started planning a trip just a couple of weeks before jetting off. A quality travel insurance policy will provide a high level of cancellation cover to ensure that should you have to miss the holiday, you won’t also lose out financially.