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Travelling to high risk countries

Posted on August 25, 2013 by Guest Writer
High risk travel destinations - Grand Canyon USA

A recent survey* has revealed that an increasing number of over 50s are making travelling a priority in life, with over half of those polled stating that they have a wish list of exciting destinations to visit.  There has also been an increase in people going off the beaten track on more adventurous and dangerous activities such as going on safari and trekking.

With all the excitement and planning it can often be easy to forget to organise travel insurance for your trip, it is however imperative that the correct cover is in place before you leave . One of the main benefits of having this cover is the additional repatriation and medical emergency protection you receive. Many people don’t realise that without travel insurance they would liable to pay all of their own medical and repatriation bills themselves, which often run into thousands of pounds. Depending on your destination, for a small percentage of the potential cost of any medical expenses you can cover yourself with travel insurance giving you peace of mind should the worst happen

“One in ten older holiday makers confess to have travelled without any insurance in place”

With this in mind we have a complied a guide of exciting countries to visit, but where medical and repatriation costs can often be high so travel insurance is highly recommended.


An estimated 5.5 million British nationals visit the states every year† and with its sky scrapers, road trips, cowboys and surfers it’s hard to know where to start in the country that is often lauded as a beacon of freedom and dreams. Repatriation costs are notoriously high, at approximately £49,500 to get back to the UK‡, this is due to the price of medical care with even a stay at a hospital with no treatment costing around a thousand dollars without the correct insurance in place.


Located on the border of Asia and Continental Europe, Turkey offers a wealth of different destinations to its visitors, from the beautiful buildings that fill Istanbul’s skyline to the array of temples and amphitheaters that make up the country’s history. With over 2.5million UK nationals visiting in 2012, Turkey is a highly popular destination, which increases claims rates leading to travel insurance being imperative.


Famed for its colourful and vibrant culture, Brazil is a must see destination which will see an increase in visitors next year for the 2014 World Cup in Rio. Make sure you get cover before you travel however as if you fall ill and need repatriating this could set you back £95,000 in medical bills.


Considered a high risk country due to it being a popular destination with UK citizens, with over 12million visitors last year. There is much to explore, whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday, wanting to engross yourself in the historical culture or simply looking for a weekend break.