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Going to London? Try these useful travel apps

Posted on May 17, 2017 by Guest Writer
Couple using London travel app

Today there’s an incredible array of useful apps to help make your travels to London extra comfortable, safe and fun!

If you’re visiting London soon, now may be a good time download some London travel apps. At your fingertips you’ll have all the latest information on transport times as well as useful facts about the sights of London and help with navigating the capital.

Visit London

Join in with all the city action with the app powered by Visit London, it’s your gateway to some of the most popular events in the city; a one-stop-shop to what’s on – from museums and exhibitions to galleries and gigs – you will find all the latest information here.

Free on iOS and Android.


AroundME directs you to just about anywhere you want to go in London or, for that matter, anywhere else in the world. It will guide you to nearby restaurants, bars and places of interest. This app detects your location and can also show you to the way to the nearest bank, petrol station, bar, hotel, hospital, cinema, supermarket or anywhere else you want to go!

Free on iOS and Android.

Museums Mobile

A must for museum, art and culture lovers all over the world. Just switch on your GPS and this app leads you to the city’s museums, exhibitions and cultural events. It also provides free access to the latest information on exhibitions and cultural events in and around the city.

Free on Android, not currently available on iOS.

Tube Exits

If the very thought of navigating London’s underground system sets your head spinning, Tube Exits will make it a whole lot easier. The app provides all the latest information on the status of the tube lines and it even tells you which carriage to board in order to arrive adjacent to the platform you need for a connection or station exits. No more waiting unnecessarily in long queues – you’ll be there in the quickest time possible.

£0.69 on iOS.

London Tube Assistant is a similar app to Tube Exits and is available on Android.


In all the bustle of London, it’s a relief to know that a good coffee is close at hand just when you need it! Beanhunter is the app that helps you find the nearest coffee shops. You can also read and write reviews, view and add photos and save favourite ones to try out later.

Free on iOS and Android.

Addison Lee App

The Addison Lee app gets you a car just when you need it. With an average pickup time of around 10 minutes even in central London, there’ll be no more long waits, even during peak times. You can track your cab as it approaches.  Simply pre-book and pay in cash or direct from your phone.

Free on iOS and Android.

Craft Beer London

Beer lovers find this app very handy for tracking down London’s craft beer pubs, beer shops and breweries. New pubs and beers are regularly uploaded to the app, as are reviews, maps and the latest beer recommendations. With the Craft Beer London app on your phone, you should never again be served with a bad pint!

£2.99 on iOS and Android.


Hungry for a good meal out in London? Turn to your OpenTable app, enter your preferred reservation time and the number of people you want to book for and it will find you a nearby restaurant plus user reviews and more ideas. Use its useful filter for selecting your favourite types of food and price range too. This is a great way to find a meal to suit your taste buds and your pocket.

Free on iOS and Android.