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Can I get travel insurance for countries on the amber and red lists?

Posted on July 19, 2021 by Jack Morris
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A new, clearer travel system has been introduced from 4 October 2021, replacing the red, amber and green traffic light list rules for entering England. Read more about the new system for international travel.

If you’re finding it tricky to keep up with where you can or can’t go on holiday to, one of the questions you might find yourself asking is if you can get travel insurance for countries on the amber or red lists.

The truth is, whether you can get a travel insurance policy or not is not based on the traffic light system. The validity of your policy is actually based on FCDO advice.

FCDO advice

If the FCDO advise against ‘all but essential travel’ it’s still possible to travel with certain policies. Some travel insurers may offer cover, but refuse to cover any claims relating to the FCDO’s advice, such as COVID-19 related claims. Other travel insurers may offer an optional extra to cover you against the additional risks.

If the FCDO advise against ‘all travel’ to your destination, you won’t be able to get travel insurance.

Other travel companies, such as airlines, are influenced by FCDO advice, too. This means there might not be as many services to countries where there’s FCDO advice, whether against ‘all travel’ or ‘all but essential travel’.

Can I get travel insurance for countries on the amber and red lists?

The traffic light system lets you know what you need to do when travelling back to the UK. This includes testing and self-isolation or quarantine.

Travel insurance generally isn’t affected by the traffic light system, so you could technically still get travel insurance to places on the amber and red lists.

If the country you want to go to is on the amber or red list, but there isn’t any FCDO advice against going there, then you may still be able to get travel insurance for your trip.

Decisions about which list a country is on are taken based on the COVID-related risks of going there, such as infection rates and prevalence of variants.

In most cases, countries on the red list will have advice against ‘all but essential travel’ or ‘all travel’ from the FCDO.

There are no hard and fast rules, though, so you’ll have to check the country you want to go to specifically as well as FCDO travel advice before booking any travel.

Do entry requirements at your destination affect travel insurance?

If the UK government says you can travel to your destination, you’ll then need to check whether that country will let you in. Each government has their own restrictions in place to protect their country and their people.

While entry requirements don’t usually affect travel insurance, many countries are restricting inbound travel – generally for tourism – while the coronavirus pandemic is still a risk. So, if you were to travel to a country that isn’t letting UK tourists in, your travel insurance wouldn’t cover you to get home if you’re turned away.

If you need travel insurance, we can help

If you’re travelling to a country the FCDO deem as safe – they haven’t advised against ‘all but essential travel’, or ‘all travel’ – we can help you to arrange a policy for your trip.

If you need to travel against FCDO ‘all but essential travel’ advice, we can offer a level of cover for your essential trip to Europe with our European FCDO Travel Advice Extension add-on.

Travel light system travel checklist

an image of the different requirements for each list on the travel traffic light system

*Amber list rules may differ or change for certain countries at short notice, even if you are fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated travellers are required to have their final vaccination dose at least 14 whole days before arriving back in the UK. Keep up to date with the latest FCDO travel advice before and during your trip.

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