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Preparing for your interview

Depending on the role you’ve applied for you may be asked to attend an interview. Our interviews are competency-based, which means your interviewer will want to find out about your skills and experiences and assess how well these fit with the job profile. They will also talk about Staysure, our values and employee benefits and there will be time for you to ask questions.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your interview:

  • Ensure you’re familiar with the job you are applying for and do some research on Staysure. Think about why you want to work for us and why you’ve specifically applied for the role.
  • Preparation is key – make a list of all of the possible questions you think you may be asked at interview, plan and practice the answers.
  • To answer our competency-based questions, use the STAR technique below.
‘S’ stands for Situation
Briefly describe the situation so that the interviewer understands what the example is and why it may have arisen
‘T’ stands for Task
Outline the task you were given and describe what your role was. State what you were trying to achieve and what your objectives were
‘A’ stands for Action
Detail the steps you took to achieve your outcome. Make sure you use ‘I’ rather than ‘We’ when answering as the interviewer is more interested in what you did than what your team did
‘R’ stands for Results
Explain the outcome of your actions and anything you learnt, including how this improved the situation, and how you measured your results
  • Talk about specific situations rather than generalisations and provide examples to demonstrate the competency. For example, if you are asked the question “Describe a time when you went the extra mile to get a job done”, your answer should be about a specific time that you went beyond what was normally expected of you in the role. Your example should demonstrate your understanding of what ‘the extra mile’ means, and may highlight your personal work ethic and values.
  • Depending on the role you’re applying for, you may be asked to complete some timed exercise. If this is the case, make sure that you keep track of the time.
  • At the end of the interview, you will be given an opportunity to ask any questions you may have- prepare these in advance so that you can make sure you have all the information you need about the job.
  • Finally, be yourself, we want to meet you and get to know the real person.

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