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Training and Development

Staysure recognises that the success in meeting corporate objectives is, in a major part, dependent upon the ability to develop and harness the full potential of their employees. As such, we are committed to the development of all employees so that we can deliver the present and future requirements of the company. Staysure believes that learning and development (L&D) are essential for:

  • Developing all employees to perform effectively in their jobs
  • Enabling employees to develop their full potential and attain higher work performance
  • Sharing ideas and dissemination of good practice
  • Supporting employees’ own career aspirations and professional development
  • Building strong, effective teams and management
  • Greater understanding of Staysure’s business
  • Increasing motivation and job satisfaction


An effective induction is important for settling new members of staff into Staysure. Typically, Contact Centre agents spend two weeks with a trainer and then a further four weeks in Staysure’s Academy before joining their teams.

Skills training

There are a range of generic skills and knowledge that are not specific to one occupational area. Examples of these are sales training, telephone techniques, customer service and time management. Training is provided in these areas according to the needs identified during the annual audit of training needs.

Operational Training

Training is provided on an as needed basis to functions and individuals impacted by new products, services or systems. Where appropriate, these changes are rolled into induction programmes.

Leadership & Management

Management Development is essential to the success of Staysure increasing the effectiveness of first level, middle and senior management. The corporate strategy is to provide training at all levels of management based on individual need.

Professional Development

We provide training and further education for employees in pursuit of professional development and qualifications where a clear link can be made to meet Staysure’s business objectives.

Learning at Work (LAW)

Learning at Work Week is an annual awareness campaign organised by the Campaign for Learning, established in 1999. Learning at Work Week aims to put the spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development in the workplace. While the LAW campaign takes place for one week, Staysure endorses learning throughout the year and promotes a culture of personal development. With that in mind, we provide a range of work and non-work related learning opportunities, including access to a Learning Resource Library.
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