Positively 50+

Being 50-plus is like being a traveller on a new and exciting journey. When you were younger, you probably viewed the decades after 50 as the end of the journey, but now that you’ve arrived at this point, you hopefully see that you are not ‘past it’; you are just getting started.

There are challenges in ageing undoubtedly, but there are also many opportunities. This column from our writer Eleanor McKenzie examines the obstacles, whether related to health or finances and suggests ways to overcome them. It also explores ways to reinvent your life by offering inspiration and practical solutions for anything from starting a new business to finding new ways to use your leisure time. It’s your ‘go to’ place for being Positively 50+.

Mature marketing team

That invisible feeling

December 9, 2016

Major brands continue to ‘blank’ the over 50s and focus on the youth market. But, the SuperHuman movement is challenging this lack of visibility.

yoga outside

The age of the ‘Golden Yogis’

December 2, 2016

Yoga is developing an increasing following among over 50s and for good reason; it has amazing anti-ageing benefits and science agrees.

cinema screen

Saving the silver screen

November 25, 2016

Baby Boomers are leading a resurgence in cinema attendance figures despite the fact that the over 60s feature as characters in very few films.

Senior couple using laptop

The technology of ageing

November 18, 2016

Technology is constantly changing society; sometimes we feel it is not for the better. But its continued development may ease the challenges of ageing.

Homemade Danish pastry with vanilla pudding and plum jam

Being ‘Hygge’

November 11, 2016

The Danes are famously happy, and now their culture of ‘hygge’ (happiness) is a wellness trend being adopted across the UK.

porridge with fruit and seeds

The superfood trend

November 9, 2016

The trend in promoting particular products as ‘superfoods’ is a marketing triumph, but is it a fashion that is more hype than healthy?