How to make a travel insurance claim

Our 24-hour medical emergency assistance services means you have help at hand whatever the time of the day. If you are in any doubt as to what to do, how to claim or how to make arrangements to return home while you are in a foreign country, all you need to do is call us and we will be happy to help.

Before you travel

Pack your documents

Amidst all the excitement of going away, you’d be surprised how many people forget to pack the most important things like their travel insurance papers. These have your policy number and phone numbers on them, including the claims hotline and 24-hour emergency medical assistance services, without which your claim could be difficult to make. It’s a good idea to leave a copy of this information with a trusted family member or friend just in case you lose yours while you are on holiday. If you’re travelling to a country within the European Union or to Norway, Iceland, Switzerland or Liechtenstein then you must obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and use it if requiring treatment in a country that accepts this document. This free card provides the holder the right to access state-provided healthcare while they travel and can be applied for here.

Document checklist

  • Copy of Validation Certificate and a note of your policy number
  • Copy of policy wording
  • EHIC card
  • GP contact details

Check that your insurance meets your requirements

Holiday insurance doesn’t mean you are automatically protected for everything. Your particular insurance and the limits covered depend on the level of cover you chose in the first place, so it’s best to check your Validation Certificate and the Policy Wording as soon as you receive it and again before you go on holiday. Be fully aware of exclusions on your policy; for example, certain sporting activities might not be included. Understanding the limits of your cover will ensure you don’t accidentally invalidate your policy.

Making a claim

Call us promptly (medical emergency abroad)

Call us straight away if you require emergency treatment while abroad. If the situation allows it, it is best if you contact us first so that we can authorise your claim and if necessary make travel and medical arrangements for you, otherwise you may invalidate your claim.

Customers are required to call our emergency helpline within 48 hours, or if you have been admitted into hospital – someone can call on your behalf. Although we expect the local medical facility to immediately proceed with emergency life-saving surgery or treatment, which is not available from the nearest public hospital, our assistance services are required to authorise medical costs, preferably before you go ahead with treatment. For non-emergencies, if you require a doctor, phone us first as we may be able to help you find the safest and most appropriate place for treatment. When you call, make sure you have your policy number to hand and your contact phone number abroad.

Please be aware that as part of the claim validation process and overall services while you are abroad, our assistance services may need to obtain information from your GP or consultant in the UK or country of residence. The sooner the information is made available, the sooner we can advise you on the status of your claim. Your full cooperation is appreciated to ensure you receive a prompt answer.

To ensure prompt attention to genuine enquiries, please only contact the 24 hours Assistance helpline if you require medical treatment abroad and/or you need to curtail your trip.

Collect all receipts and documents

Keep every receipt, including Medical Certificates and paperwork that will help with your claim. For outpatient treatment costs of under £350, you should pay directly and claim this back from us upon your return to your home country.

Need to cancel your trip?

There are many reasons for making cancellation claim, for example an unforeseen illness, injury or an emergency at home. You will need to provide an appropriate Medical Certificate from your doctor or a Police Report to prove you cannot travel.

Stolen items

Go to the local Police to report the theft within 24 hours of the incident. If you are travelling with a tour company, the hotel rep or manager may be able to help or provide you with an adequate written report in the event that you have made reasonable attempts and cannot obtain a Police Report.

Lost or damaged baggage

Within 24 hours, you must report the loss of your personal baggage to the carrier. You need to approach the carrier first to see if they will pay you compensation—the Civil Aviation Authority website will help you with more information on what they cover. If your baggage gets damaged in transit, make sure you report it to the carrier before you leave the baggage hall and get a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) to help with your claim.

Need to Make a Claim?

If you need to make a claim, you can download the relevant claims form here. If you need to call us, our dedicated team is here to support you.

Medical emergencies

Please contact the ERV 24 hrs Emergency & Repatriation Assistance Helpline:

Outside UK: +44 1403 288 414

When calling from within the USA: +1 844 780 0639

When calling from within Canada: +1 819 780 0639

Inside UK: 01403 288 414

Other claims

Inside the UK: 01403 288 410
Outside the UK: + 44 1403 288 410

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