Gadget and mobile phone insurance

Gadgets make up a significant portion of the average UK citizen’s ‘walking wealth’ and many do not realise the total value of the items they carry on their person on a day-to-day basis – it actually averages an incredible £972 across the country.

With the latest smartphone releases costing well over £500, it’s easy to see how this figure is reached.  It also means that ensuring you have the correct gadget and mobile phone insurance to cover your belongings is a must.

Staysure has partnered with the UK’s longest established gadget and mobile phone insurance provider, Gadget Cover, to offer 5-star Defaqto Rated Gadget and Mobile Phone insurance policies online.

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Which gadgets are covered?

The gadget cover can protects a wide range of electronic items including:

Mobile phones Cameras
MP3 player/Ipods Tablets
Laptops and PCs E-readers

The policy provides cover for accidental loss or damage (including liquid), breakdown as well as theft.

Should you lose or have your phone stolen and someone makes a number of expensive calls or spends the day browsing the web, you can rest assured as £2,500 coverage is provided for unauthorised call and data usage.

Gadget insurance is automatically extended to immediate family members so you can rest assured that your electronic devices are safe when in the hands of your children and grandchildren. Your gadgets are also covered when you take them on holiday anywhere in the world for up to 180 days per year.

The specialised cover also offers excesses which are cheaper than many home and contents policies:

  • £25 excess for a claim up to the value of £250
  • £50 excess for claims between the value of £251-£500
  • £75 excess for any claim over the value of £500

What about accessories?

There is also £150 cover for any accessories that were accidentally lost, stolen or damaged at the same time as your Gadget.

If your mobile phone has to be replaced with a different make or model and this means that you can no longer use the accessories that were compatible with your old device, there is also £150 of coverage available.

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Tips for looking after your gadgets

Looking after your gadgets with regular maintenance and correct storage is essential as neglect and not following instructions for use can result in a claim being declined. It’s also a good idea to keep hold of the original purchase receipt as some insurers may ask for it during the claims process.

Here are a few tips for looking after your electronic gadgets:

  • Backup all of your data regularly to ensure you don’t lose important documents, music libraries or photos if your device is lost or stolen
  • Be careful when using public Wi-Fi as your data may not be secure
  • Get protective covers and carry cases wherever possible to help prevent water damage, scratches and cracked screens
  • Store all of your electronic devices out of direct sunlight
  • Follow charging, docking and pairing instructions
  • When using accessories, make sure they are compatible with your device
  • Never leave your gadgets unattended in a public place or in your car
  • Ensure your contact information is visible on the device, register all gadgets with their manufacturers and keep a record of serial numbers as many manufacturers can disable devices remotely to protect your information if stolen.

Gadget and Mobile Phone Insurance

Get cover for your possessions online in minutes with a 5-star Defaqto Rated Gadget and Mobile Phone insurance policy.

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