Guide to Staysure's travel insurance additional cover options

It can sometimes feel like you’re swamped with too much information when buying travel insurance – especially when it comes to the optional extras available.

Here at Staysure, we understand that for many customers, insurance policies can sometimes get overwhelming, so we hope this handy guide helps answer any initial questions you might have about the additional cover .

Travel disruption extension

So you’ve spotted this popular additional cover option but you’re sceptical as to whether to buy it or not. Why do I need this insurance? Well here’s a list of events that the Travel Disruption Extension would cover:

  • The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), World Health Organisation (WHO) or a regulatory authority in a country where you are travelling to or from issues a directive prohibiting all but essential travel or recommends evacuating a country
  • If you missed an internal UK connection or the trip out or last leg back
  • Cancellation or delays lasting over 24 hours in public transport services
  • If there were too many passengers on your plane so you were denied boarding or were put on a less than satisfactory alternative
  • Strikes that cause you to miss your holiday or flights will be covered, provided you did not know about them in advance of booking your holiday
  • You’d be covered for repatriation and if it is necessary that you curtail your trip in the event of a terrorist event, fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, tsunami, avalanche, landslide, volcanic eruption or hurricane.

Read our policy document for a full explanation, visit our Travel Disruption Extension page or call us if you have questions regarding cover limits and terms and conditions.

Cancellation and curtailment

Protecting your holiday from unexpected events which result in you having to cancel or cut short your trip. Events such as illness of a close relative or travelling companion, redundancy, significant damage to your home or even being called for jury service are covered by cancellation and curtailment cover.

This option is included as standard on all our policies – Basic policies offer cover up to £500 and Comprehensive up to £5,000. We may be able to increase your cancellation limit to a maximum of £15,000 (subject to underwriting criteria) if this is something you need, please call us free on 0800 033 4902 to book your policy.

You can also buy additional cover for your Basic policy during the quote process which will increase your insurance to £1,000/£3,000 depending on the level you choose.

Terrorism Cancellation Cover

Cancellation of your trip up to £2,000 (If your trip is scheduled to start within 42 days after the terrorist event & the location of your booked accommodation must be within 40 miles of the location of the terrorist event.)

The FCO do not need to advise against travel for this benefit to apply.

Personal liability

Personal liability protects you if you damage someone else’s property or injure another person. Sometimes this is referred to as third party insurance as it protects you if a third party makes a claim against you.

In plain terms, let’s say you accidentally hit someone during a game of golf, we’ve got you covered.

This cover is included as standard in Comprehensive policies, reimbursing you for up to £2,000,000 in costs; however, you can also add it to your Basic policy for a small additional fee.

Excess waiver

Taking out an excess waiver may mean you pay a little more in the first place for the cover, but means that should something go wrong when you make your claim you will not be charged the excess.

Good travel cover is essential for peace of mind while travelling, but an excess waiver will ensure that you really don’t have anything to worry about at a time when things have gone a bit wrong.

This popular addition removes the standard £65 excess from several of our policies.

Winter sports

If you have a penchant for pistes or a soft spot for snow-capped mountains, snowboarding, mono-skiing or skiing, then make sure you get Winter Sports cover. You can add this to your Comprehensive cover to include delays in your equipment arriving, loss of ski passes, piste closures and avalanches. We offer this up to the age of 70 only.

Staysure Annual Multi-Trip policies include cover as standard for one winter sports holiday of up to 21 days.

Click to find out more about winter sports cover as well as top tips for those hitting the slopes on their holidays.

Golf equipment

If putting is your passion, our golf cover enables you to focus on the game, safe in the knowledge that should anything go wrong on your golfing trip, we can assist if you opt for a Comprehensive policy.

Cover includes loss or theft of golf equipment, equipment hire, course closure and we also give you hole-in-one cover up to £300.

Find out more about our golf cover.

Gadget Cover

Gadgets contribute to an average ‘walking wealth’ in the UK of £972 per person according to leading insurers, and many Britons do not realise the total value of the items they take on holiday with them. With this in mind, a quality gadget cover add-on is a must.

Staysure’s gadget cover can be added to our 5-star Defaqto rated Comprehensive insurance and provides up to £1,000 of cover for accidental, liquid and malicious third-party damage as well as unauthorised use such as calls and data use after the item was lost or stolen.

Find out more about add-on gadget travel insurance.

Connecting flights

You can add cover for connecting flights to Staysure’s Basic and Comprehensive policies. If you miss your connecting flight or it is delayed due to an occurrence which is covered by your policy you can claim up to £1,500 for extra travelling and accommodation costs and up to the same amount for a delay.

Single item limit

Are you travelling with an expensive laptop? Or perhaps you’ve got jewellery, digital cameras, phones or gifts in your personal baggage section. If that’s the case, then the Single Item limit cover for Comprehensive policies provides cover beyond the maximum £300 ceiling on our policies.

100-days duration

If you’re embarking on a long holiday such as the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, a backpacking holiday across Australia or a world cruise, then you might want to consider this extra cover.

This additional cover option enables you to extend one trip up to a maximum trip duration of 100 days, allowing you to enjoy a longer holiday, if you are under 70 years of age.

Further information on Staysure’s travel insurance is available in the policy document.

Car Hire Excess Waiver

Thinking about hiring a car whilst on your trip? You may be liable to pay the high prices that some car hire companies charge if you find yourself involved in an accident. Make sure you take out our car hire excess waiver for that peace of mind, knowing you can save yourself a great deal of hassle and money. This policy add-on covers you for misfuelling of up to £1,000, car hire key cover of up to £500 and roadside and towing of up to £1,000 per claim – with Staysure, we have you covered.


Looking for additional cover?

All our additional cover options can be purchased by selecting the relevant boxes when purchasing your Basic or Comprehensive policies online.

Alternatively, call our travel insurance professionals on 0800 033 4902, and they’ll help you get the right cover to suit your travel plans.

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