Breast cancer travel insurance

Finding affordable travel insurance when you’ve had or still have breast cancer can sometimes be difficult. However Staysure partners with an expert underwriter which specialises in covering pre-existing medical conditions, making your search for the best option to suit you an easy one.

Our team of travel insurance specialists will gladly help you find the best policy to fit your particular needs with pre-existing medical condition cover. Our policies also cover many other eventualities, including loss of your belongings, delays and cancellation and curtailment, so that you are free to go on your holidays with peace of mind. Call our insurance team on 0844 692 8444^ or get a quote online.

Why do I need travel insurance for breast cancer?

Having the correct travel insurance prepares you for unexpected emergencies and, when you are far from home, it’s reassuring to know you have as much covered as possible, particularly when you have suffered from breast cancer. If you haven’t received any cancer treatment, check-ups or follow-ups within the last two years, your diagnosis should not affect your premium.

When getting a quote, it would be helpful to have the following information ready:

  • The type of surgery you have undergone (for example mastectomy or wide local excision).
  • The drug combination you were given during chemotherapy and how often you took them.
  • The name of the hormone therapy drug you are taking (for example tamoxifen or anastrozole).
  • Have you had or will you be having radiotherapy?.
  • The names of any drugs you are currently taking.

You may need a letter from your GP or hospital confirming you are fit to travel while taking your prescribed medication.

Tips for travelling with breast cancer

  • Ask yourself whether this is the right time in your treatment to travel comfortably. If you have just completed treatment or surgery, perhaps you would enjoy a holiday more if you left it for a month or two before going away.
  • Plan well ahead to cover all your requirements.
  • Choose a destination and accommodation which will give you the break you need, not make you feel like taking a holiday when you get back home – for example, don’t expect to walk long distances without feeling tired and ensure the facilities you want are close by.
  • Check with the travel or airline company you are using to ensure you can arrange early boarding, wheelchair assistance, a special diet and oxygen if required.
  • Make sure you have all the equipment with you that you may need on holiday and bring with you all your medications, plus a few days extra supply and keep them safe with your hand luggage.
  • Get a European Health Insurance card (EHIC) – your EHIC grants you state healthcare at a reduced cost or sometimes for free, depending upon the country you are visiting.
  • Get a doctor’s letter with details of your breast cancer, your treatment and list of medicines, ready for if or when an emergency arises.
  • You may need a licence for taking some medicines abroad (e.g. morphine based pain killers). This can be obtained from your hospital, GP or hospice but make sure you apply for this well in advance.
  • Be aware that vaccinations are required to enter some countries. If you are taking cancer drugs with weaken the immune system, it may not be advisable to take vaccinations, so ask your doctor first.

Frequently asked questions about insuring breast cancer for travel

  • I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and am awaiting treatment. Can you still offer me travel insurance?

    Yes, provided that all relevant medical questions have been answered to the best of your knowledge, the underwriter has accepted cover, your doctor has deemed you fit to travel, and the additional premium to cover the condition has been paid.

    If the underwriter declines to cover you, we will make you aware of this when you receive your quotation.

  • I recently had surgery and am undergoing chemotherapy. Am I covered for my travels?

    If you have been declared fit to travel by your doctor and you have been fully discharged from your surgery, then cover may be given. You will need to go through the screening process, the underwriter will need to accept your condition and you will need to pay an additional premium.
  • Do you offer holiday cover for secondary or metastatic cancers?

    Staysure can offer cover for secondary and metastatic cancer, providing the full screening process is completed, the underwriter accepts cover for your condition and the additional premium is paid. You will also need to be declared fit to travel by your doctor.
  • Can you offer me travel insurance if I have had chemotherapy, radiotherapy or biological therapy?

    Yes, providing you are not awaiting any surgery or tests. You will need to complete the screening process which asks you about the treatment you are receiving. Providing the underwriter accepts the condition and you pay the additional premium, cover can be offered.
  • I have terminal cancer. Can you offer me travel insurance?

    Unfortunately not. The underwriter cannot provide cover for any terminal diagnosis.
  • If I fall ill while on holiday and need to go back home, can I return early at no extra expense?

    A comprehensive policy will cover you for up to £5,000 if you need to interrupt or curtail your trip. We can therefore cover the costs of your return and even fly you back again once your treatment is over. This is providing your policy has been taken out correctly and the medical screening has been completed to the best of your knowledge.
  • Do you cover me while I am on holiday if the disease spreads beyond my breast?

    If the disease spreads while you are abroad, you can be covered on your policy, provided that all relevant medical questions have been answered to the best of your knowledge, the underwriter has accepted cover and the additional premium has been paid. You must also have been declared fit for travel by your doctor before you leave.
  • If I lose my medication, will I be covered while on my travels?

    Yes, Staysure covers replacement medication provided that you have declared your condition; you have taken enough medication to support you for the whole of your trip; and you have not left your medication unattended.
  • I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago and have been in remission for 3 years does this need to be declared on my travel insurance policy?

    No, providing you have had no treatment or any check-ups within the last two years. If you have received treatment or check-ups within those two years and require insurance, you will need to declare this through our screening process.

Breast Cancer Travel Insurance

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