Over 65s travel tips

For many, retirement signifies time and money to travel wherever and whenever they want. No more packed work schedules – just the world as your oyster.

Perhaps now’s the time for a once-in-a-lifetime six month trip around Africa or perhaps to buy a picturesque Spanish holiday home and indulge in paella and fiestas to your heart’s content. Spontaneity is now part of everyday life, whether this means a romantic weekend wining and dining in Paris, or a last-minute ‘fly and flop’ beach break somewhere hot and sunny – you can do it all.

Beat the winter blues

While most people spend January and February sunk in post-Christmas gloom, many retirees jet off to beat the winter blues with a new holiday wardrobe for a strong dose of sunshine. But where to?

African destinations like Egypt and Morocco are a particular favourite around this time of year, as much of Europe is still a bit chilly. The Canary Islands can provide a good compromise if you don’t fancy anything too long haul. Or why not take the opportunity to visit Australia – a lifelong dream for many – and avoid the winter altogether?

Long stay travel insurance

If you are a retiree, your newfound freedom means you could simply skip UK winters and take longer stay breaks away if you so wish. Staysure’s long stay travel insurance policies cover trips lasting more than three months and keep you properly covered for any unexpected events, leaving you to enjoy immersing yourself in an interesting, new culture, safe in the knowledge that you have everything covered.

Travelling with pre-existing medical conditions

There’s no reason why any pre-existing medical conditions should hold you back from making the most of freedom of retirement.

It is essential to ensure that you have declared every medical condition when taking out your travel insurance so that, should something go wrong, you won’t be left out of pocket. If you fail to declare a particular illness, then it is likely you will not be covered for any incident in connection with any related conditions.

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When travelling with a medical condition:

  • Make sure you locate the nearest doctor and hospital at each destination. Take note of local emergency services numbers, and keep them handy should you need them.
  • You will have a bit more to think about when packing, as you need to make sure you take sufficient supplies for the trip.
  • Visit your doctor beforehand, as medical professionals will offer advice on how much medication you should take with you. It is vital to take a bit more than you think you’ll need in case of delays or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Ask a pharmacist to write out the medications you need, and their dosage, so that if you lose your supplies or become ill while away, you can access the much-needed prescription.

Travelling with diabetes

Travelling can present a particular problem for people with diabetes due to the regularity with which you need to take medication. Before jetting off, it is important to check the type of insulin available in your destination because different nations use different strengths.

Baggage cover

Don’t forget to consider baggage cover. Retirement is a time of life when many people are reaping the benefits of years of hard work. Should you be planning to splash out while away, it is worth upgrading your level of baggage cover to insure you for loss or theft.

If you plan to return from your trip with bags full of designer clothes and products, then make sure you upgrade the baggage insurance part of your policy to ensure that a mishap on the way home will not break the bank. If you have one extravagant purchase in mind, such as a sparkling piece of jewellery, single item cover is essential – this can be upgraded, up to £1,000.

Over 65s Travel Insurance

As the over 50s specialists, Staysure is able to provide a wide range of travel insurance policies for destinations all around the world. What’s more, we provide great travel insurance for over 65s with all pre-existing medical conditions considered.

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