Top tips for buying travel insurance

When booking a long-awaited holiday, people are likely to be too busy envisioning spending days on stretches of a white sandy beach or tucking into the local cuisine at a rustic restaurant to give much of a thought to travel insurance. However, making sure you are covered is a vital part of preparing for an upcoming holiday, and it does not have to be an arduous or time-consuming task if you follow a few simple travel insurance tips.

Create a travel itinerary

It is important point to plan ahead and create an itinerary of activities. Not only will this get you excited about your trip and ensure you don’t forget anything, it will make sure that you get the right amount of cover for you. This means that if your plans for a trip involve lounging by the pool and maybe embarking on a boat trip, you will not be taking out the same policy as an adventure traveller who has mountain climbing, jet skiing and paragliding firmly on their schedule. By the same token, people who are planning an action-packed getaway need to be able to tailor their insurance policy to their own needs so they know they have a safety net in place and can get on with enjoying their holiday worry-free.

Destination plays a part

Another vital aspect to take into consideration is the destination. Travelling to countries which have higher costs for medical treatment or repatriation, such as the USA, will likely mean you’ll want to consider a higher level of cover.  It’s also vital to be aware of any potential repatriation costs, a long haul flight with a medical escort will cost more than a return flight from Spain, and again a more comprehensive policy may be worth considering.

If you’re travelling to destinations with adverse weather conditions or other problems such as political turmoil or poor infrastructure, it’s worth noting the details on your policy relating to travel delays and cancellations.

One of the most helpful features of travel insurance is that it offers guidance should anything go wrong while you are away. Make sure your policy incorporates a 24 hour emergency helpline with access to English-speaking experts – a great comfort if any problems should arise. When it comes to must-have features in a travel insurance policy, repatriation is another one to look out for as this will ensure you are not left out of pocket should you need to make a swift return to the UK.

Think about the number and length of your trips

The first and most important thing to consider when choosing a travel insurance policy is the type of getaway you are planning. It doesn’t matter whether you are opting for a fortnight on the beach, embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime round the world trek or just jetting off on a whirlwind weekend, travel insurance is essential. However, different types of trips have insurance requirements unique to them.

If you are planning on staying away for more than three months, a long stay travel insurance policy is ideal. As this type of insurance can cover you for up to 18 months, it is a great option for the more adventurous traveller, or those with a spontaneous streak.

As well as looking at the holiday itself, it is also worth taking into account your overall travelling habits; if you are something of a jetsetter, or even just like to get away more than once a year, taking out an Annual Travel Insurance policy could be the best deal for you. However, if the holiday is a rare treat, then Single Trip Insurance is likely to be your best option.

Travel insurance is not just for those enjoying a holiday abroad, with travel insurance still being a necessity for jaunts in the UK. Although it may not seem apparent at first (especially with the NHS on our doorstep), UK travel insurance not only means that the option of private treatment is available if necessary, but it also protects you should you book a cottage or hotel and are unable to attend for an unforeseen reason. This ensures that you will not lose the money already paid for your holiday.

Make sure you’re covered for sports and activities

People head abroad for different reasons, with some wanting nothing more than to flop on a poolside sun lounger for a fortnight, some like to sightsee, visit art galleries and experience the culture, while others opt for action-packed vacations involving hiking, cycling and more daredevil activities. The adrenaline junkie is going to have very different insurance requirements to the beach dweller or sightseer, and this is something to be reflected in insurance packages. Holiday makers can tailor their insurance package to meet their own needs, which will ensure those seeking a relaxing holiday get the best deal for them while those with a busy itinerary can secure specific cover to suit their needs. It is worth noting, however, that with all travel insurance policies there are limitations to activities that can be covered. For example, Staysure’s travel insurance will cover hikers up to a maximum altitude of 2,500 metres – an ample amount for the average hiker, but it wouldn’t cover a Mount Kilimanjaro climb! It is therefore essential to check any limitations that may apply to your preferred activity or sport before purchasing your travel insurance policy.

Consider your medical conditions

Although travel insurance is a necessity for every holidaymaker, if you have a pre-existing medical condition you will be more aware of the importance of securing a policy that meets your needs. In these cases, medical travel insurance is a fantastic option. There is no reason why people with certain conditions should not be able to see the world or treat themselves to a holiday, and medical travel insurance enables you to enjoy your getaway without worrying about what you would do if something goes wrong.

Here at Staysure, we appreciate that every customer is an individual and tailor make insurance packages to cater to your own requirements. Conditions including, but not limited to, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and heart problems can all be covered via our easy screening process providing customers with peace of mind and allowing them the freedom to enjoy their holiday. It is also important to look for a policy that specifically caters for your age as most standard insurance providers will increase their prices for older travellers.

Think about your baggage

How much to insure your baggage for is an often asked question, with the answer largely depending on where you are travelling to and how expensive your items are. For example, for those travelling in the UK you may find that your belongings are covered on your home insurance (with some home insurance policies extending this cover to include Europe). However, for more far-flung destinations the baggage cover needed may significantly increase, especially for long stay trips. You’ll be pleased to know that Staysure’s baggage cover can be extended to £2,500 with the option of insuring a single item up to the value of £1,000.

Travel Insurance

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*Price is correct at the time of publishing, based on one person aged 18–65 on a Basic policy travelling within 30 days of purchase, excluding medical conditions.