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Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance (PMI), often also referred to as private health insurance, offers peace of mind when it comes to the health of you and your loved ones.

Staysure partners with PruHealth to provide you with private medical cover, tailored to your needs.

Many people do not realise that full private medical insurance isn't just for illnesses such as cancer; much smaller diagnoses can be dealt with through private medical care as well. Amongst other things, it offers cover for early diagnosis and treatment, paying for anything from physiotherapy for a sprained ankle to seeing a consultant about dizziness, and from diagnostic tests to major heart surgery, or even the latest in chemotherapy treatments.

PruHealth prides itself on fully integrating wellness with clinical care, to provide a modular range of cover with multiple options to suit your needs and budget. Generally speaking, all policies include cover for the cost of private hospital treatment, with levels of cover varying per plan should you need outpatient consultations, diagnostic tests or ancillary services such as home nursing.

The Vitality programme offers a unique and tangible benefit: by partnering with a wide range of service providers, PruHealth can offer customers sizeable discounts on supermarket shopping, gym membership, Weight Watchers, National Trust, theme parks, events tickets and much more. You could also be eligible for non-smoker's cashback, up to £150 per annum. And not to be forgotten are enhanced no claims discounts of up to 80%, awarded in accordance with your Vitality status.

Why do I need Private Medical Cover?

  • With NHS waiting times on the up - currently over half a million people waiting for treatment - many of us prefer to turn towards private medical cover for the peace of mind that we can get medical treatment fast and effortlessly if needed.
  • An initial consultation with a specialist can often add up to anywhere in the region of £150 to £250 and routine surgery often costs thousands - PMI is an affordable way to insure against these costs.
  • NHS cuts have raised concerns over public sector spending. The lack of funds available to provide necessary medical technologies means that more people are turning to private medical insurance for reassurance and the best healthcare options available.

It's understandable that you will have questions regarding what plan is best for you, so why not contact our PruHealth experts by filling in the short form below, and they will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Why choose PruHealth?

  • Full cover – all your consultants' fees are paid in full. No limits, no exceptions, no surprises
  • The only providers to fully integrate wellness and clinical care
  • Vitality provides tangible benefits and incentives to change behaviour
  • No claims discounts plus many other discounts from well-known providers
  • Access to early diagnosis
  • Benefit from the best clinical care whenever you need it
  • Receive treatment not always available from the NHS
  • Choice of hospitals and private rooms with unrestricted visiting hours