Insurance claims

We hope you don’t have to claim but our team is on hand to help should you need them.

Choose the type of insurance you purchased from the options below to find out more about making a claim on your policy and how to get in touch:

Tips for making an insurance claim

Keep your documents safe

Make sure all your policy documents are stored in a safe place. If you’re travelling, make sure you pack them and carry them with you at all times.  These have your policy number and phone numbers on them, including the claims hotline and 24-hour emergency assistance services.

Check you are insured

Your particular insurance and the limits covered depend on the level of cover you chose in the first place, so it’s best to check your Validation Certificate and the Policy Wording before you make a claim. Be fully aware of exclusions; for example, certain sporting activities are not included in travel insurance policies.

Don’t forget your excess

Be aware that some cover will require you to pay something towards your claim. Check your policy documents to be sure of any cost you are liable to pay.

Collect evidence

The more information you can provide to support your claim, the better. Collecting all relevant documents and reports, detailing any damage as well as taking photographs where appropriate will often help to simplify your claim.

Get in touch quickly

Start your claim as soon as possible as the information will be fresh in your mind. It may also be the case that your policy has a time limit for making a claim.

Keep your receipts

Keep the receipts when you purchase insured items and for any costs incurred as a result of an insured event. This can include accommodation, transport, medical certificates and any other paperwork that will help with your claim.

Stolen items

If you have anything stolen, go to the local police to report the theft within 24 hours of it happening. If you live abroad or are travelling, make sure you are aware of where the local police station is or have means of finding it.