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Travel with confidence with award-winning holiday insurance for your next break. With up to unlimited medical expenses, our policies are designed to protect you – just like a life-jacket.

  • Cover for pre-existing conditions
  • Choose from a range of policies – from single trip travel insurance to annual multi-trip
  • Superior-rated COVID-19 Cover included as standard*

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Travel insurance tailored to you

We have different types of cover for whatever you have planned with most medical conditions covered

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Travel when you want, as often as you want with hassle-free cover for globetrotters

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Covering you for a round trip to one or more destinations, with no upper age limit

Medical Travel Insurance

Plan your next adventure with travel insurance for pre-existing conditions

Over 70s Travel Insurance

Age is just a number, it shouldn’t stop you from exploring

Cruise cover Travel Insurance

Specialist cruise travel insurance for peace of mind on board and in-port

Winter Sports Travel Insurance

Ski, skate and slide with confidence on your next trip

Do I need travel insurance?

Although travel insurance isn't essential for travel, we think you'll agree it's important to have.

A good policy can cover you against unexpected costs if something on your trip doesn't go to plan. It also offers a helping hand in the event of an emergency; useful if you're on the other side of the world.

So while holiday insurance isn't mandatory, it's the smart way to protect yourself from things outside your control - like if you have to cancel your holiday, or need emergency medical treatment. Discover more in our guide to what travel insurance is for.

Take out a policy as soon as you book your trip and you'll be covered for:

  • ✔   Cancelling or cutting your holiday short
  • ✔   Emergency medical expenses - with 24-hour support
  • ✔   Travel delays and disruptions
  • ✔   Lost or damaged baggage
  • ✔   Lost or stolen cash
  • ✔   COVID-19 Cover

You can cover most pre-existing conditions, plus there's no upper age limit. So, you can escape the every day with a tailored policy.

What are you waiting for?

What's Covered?

Medical emergencies and repatriation Up to £5m
Cancellation Up to £500
Cutting your holiday short Up to £500
Baggage Up to £300
Travel delay Up to £300
Money and passport Up to £300
Excess £129
Medical emergencies and repatriation Unlimited
Cancellation Up to £5k
Cutting your holiday short Up to £5k
Baggage Up to £2.5k
Travel delay Up to £1.5k
Money and passport Up to £500
Excess £99
Medical emergencies and repatriation Unlimited
Cancellation Up to £10k
Cutting your holiday short Up to £10k
Baggage Up to £5k
Travel delay Up to £1.5k
Money and passport Up to £500
Excess £0
Basic Comprehensive Signature
Medical emergencies and repatriation Up to £5m Unlimited Unlimited
Cancellation Up to £500 Up to £5k Up to £10k
Cutting your holiday short Up to £500 Up to £5k Up to £10k
Baggage Up to £300 Up to £2.5k Up to £5k
Travel delay Up to £300 Up to £1.5k Up to £1.5k
Money and passport Up to £300 Up to £500 Up to £500
Excess £129 £99 £0

These are just a few of the things our policy covers. For the ins and the outs, take a look at our policy wording.

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What's not covered?

Holiday insurance is there to pick you back up if something unexpected goes wrong. But that doesn't always mean everything is covered.

It's important to read through your policy before you set off on your trip. It'll help you to understand what you're covered for, and what you're not.

You can discover more in our guide to what travel insurance covers too.

Your Staysure policy won't cover these types of claims:

  •   Incidents relating to alcohol or controlled substances
  •   Choosing not to travel
  •   A pre-existing medical condition you haven't declared
  •   Strike action which was common knowledge when you booked
  •   Travel for medical procedures.

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Add optional policy extras to your travel insurance quote

Tailor your policy to meet your needs. If you're sailing the seven seas on an ocean cruise, or you'd rather not pay any excess, we have an add-on for just that! All add-ons are available on Single Trip and Annual policies.

Off on a cruise holiday? Cruise Plus Cover protects you against things like not being able to dock at a scheduled port due to bad weather, and cabin confinement. It’s available on Comprehensive and Signature policies. Find out more about our different levels of Cruise cover.

If you're going to be taking expensive tech away with you, like a laptop, smartwatch or smartphone, Gadget Cover can protect an unlimited number of your devices for up to £2,000. This cover includes protection against accidental loss or theft, damage from accidents or malicious intent, liquid damage, and unauthorised call, text or data usage. It's available on Comprehensive policies as an add-on, but included on Signature policies as standard. Learn more about Gadget Cover.

This add-on can help if you have a medical emergency while taking part in winter sports activities. Available on Comprehensive and Signature policies, it can also help cover the costs should you lose or damage your own winter sports equipment as well as cover the costs of unused ski passes, piste closures and avalanches.

Winter sports cover is already included as standard when you choose a Comprehensive or Signature Annual policy and covers you for two trips, up to a total of 28 days. Find out more about Winter Sports cover.

If you need to make a claim, having an excess waiver means you won't have to pay out from your own pocket. This can't be added retrospectively and does not apply to Terrorism Cancellation, Car Hire Excess Waiver or Gadget cover. It’s available on Comprehensive policies as an add-on, but included on Signature policies as standard.

Golf insurance covers your golf equipment hire and non-refundable golfing fees. You'll have hole-in-one cover too - meaning we'll pay you £300 if you score a hole-in-one during your trip, as long as you're a member of a recognised golf club affiliated to a national golfing union, you have your scorecard signed by your playing partner and you're playing at a golf affiliated golf course too. It's available on Comprehensive and Signature policies when playing non-professionally only.

Cover for cancelling or cutting your holiday short if the FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) advises against all, or all but essential travel to your destination because of an unforeseen incident such as an earthquake, fire, flood or hurricane. Find out more about our Travel Disruption cover. It can be added to any policy.

Don't just take our word for it

"I had to claim for the first time ever on travel insurance for a medical emergency. The level of service and cover was exceptional... I would recommend them to all"

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David / 11 Jan 2022

How to get travel insurance online

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Choose your level of cover
Pick a policy that's most suited to your needs
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How much is travel insurance?

How much holiday insurance costs varies depending on the kind of cover you need. The cost is also affected by how likely you are to make a claim either before, or during, your holiday.

What can influence the cost of your policy?

  • Your age
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • How long you're travelling for
  • Where you're travelling to
  • The policy limits you choose
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What our expert says…

“It's not always the smartest move to go for cheap travel insurance. Instead, budget for a policy that offers the level of protection you need, so you can go on holiday knowing should the unexpected happen, you'll be covered."

- Ria Wong, holiday insurance expert

Read Ria's guide to what affects the price of travel insurance

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Frequently asked questions

We can cover most pre-existing medical conditions - because something you live with day to day shouldn't stop you seeing the world.

Your pre-existing medical conditions need to be outlined on your medical cover, including common conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer. If anything changes between taking out your policy and going on holiday, you must let us know. You can do this online by logging into your My Staysure account.

You should take out a policy as soon as you book your trip to make sure you're covered for unforeseen events that might mean you have to cancel. You might be able to buy a single trip policy from us up to 24 months before you travel - depending on your age.

For Single Trip insurance, cancellation cover kicks in as soon as you take out your policy.

The excess is the amount of money you have agreed to pay should you make a claim. The excess amounts are shown in the policy wording. Discover more in our guide to travel insurance excess and waivers.

If your flight has been cancelled, don't worry! First thing's first, contact your airline or travel company and ask them to rearrange your flight or give you a refund. But if they can't, you can try doing a chargeback with your credit card company if you used one to book the flight. And if that doesn't work out, that's when your travel insurance can help.

Just remember - once you've rearranged your flights, you'll need to update your insurance policy with your new travel dates. If you're a Staysure customer, you can do this by logging into My Staysure.

As long as the strike action was not common knowledge at the time of booking your trip, or taking out your policy, your travel insurance should cover you for strikes. You'll be able to make a claim if you have to pay for emergency accommodation or travel expenses, or if your trip is delayed by more than 12 hours. Read more in our guide to Strikes: am I covered by my travel insurance?

The Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) is the replacement for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). While a GHIC gives you access to emergency healthcare, travel insurance can help protect you from other costs, like rescue or repatriation. Read more in GHIC is the new EHIC: what you need to know. It's a condition of our insurance that when you travel to Europe you take a GHIC (or, if it's still valid, an EHIC) with you.

You should be covered in most destinations if the country you're going to is safe to visit. To check if your destination is safe to visit, take a look at the FCDO's travel advice. The FCDO's (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) advice can change at any time, so make sure you check it's safe to travel before you set off. If the FCDO, World Health Organisation or local authorities have advised against 'all' or 'all but essential' travel to your destination, then it won't be safe for you to travel there. If you travel against FCDO advice, your policy will become invalid and won't cover you if you need to claim. Even if advice changes while you're on holiday, you won't be covered if your destination was listed as unsafe when you travelled.

To be covered for COVID on our policies, you need to have had all doses of the COVID vaccine you've been offered, including any booster jabs. You can also be covered if you can't have the vaccine due to a medical exemption. If you've refused any doses of the COVID vaccine, you won't be covered for COVID related claims.

*COVID-19 cover rated Superior by a major independent consumer association.