Do I need contents only tenants cover?

04:04PM 10/08/2012

Do I need contents only tenants cover?

When you are planning a move to another country, it is a good idea to test drive your new lifestyle by renting somewhere to live before taking the plunge and investing in a property of your own. This ensures that should something not go smoothly, or you simply decide that the area is not for you, then you are not tied down and can easily move again, to a new area or even back home. Renting initially, instead of buying straightaway makes a number of things easier - insurance among them.

While people buying a property abroad will need home insurance for both buildings and contents, those who are merely renting a property do not need to take out buildings cover - as that is a matter for the landlord. Buildings insurance covers the literal bricks and mortar of the house so that if disaster should strike, the rebuild cost of the house is covered. However, if you are renting, then contents only tenants cover is an excellent option.


Contents insurance protects your precious possessions

Contents insurance ensures that should you lose or damage any of your possessions, or have them stolen, it will not break the bank to replace them.  A contents policy covers items that are kept in your home but which are not permanent fixtures.

A good contents insurance policy offers a wide range of cover, including a new for old replacement value. It will also provide a competitive no claims discount and optional upgrades like legal protection and emergency breakdown cover. If something goes wrong when you are living in a different country it is likely you will want to talk to a friendly English-speaking expert, so obtaining a policy which incorporates help and advice from a UK call centre will give you this additional level of comfort and support.


When things go wrong away from home it all seems worse

It is not a nice experience to have your possessions damaged or stolen no matter where you are, but when you're in a foreign country everything can seem much worse. While you may be enjoying your new life and making the most of the new opportunities presented to you, if you have just moved abroad away from friends and family, you are unlikely to have as strong a support network as you did back home. So the safety net of contents insurance is all the more precious -   making even more important to know you have English speaking experts waiting at the end of the phone to offer you help and guidance.

Dealing with documents in English is easier

The last thing you want when you've been the target of burglary or a small disaster has occurred in the home you are renting; is to be confused by foreign documents and legislation. By taking out contents insurance with an English company, everything will seem much simpler if and when it comes to dealing with it, should the unfortunate happen.

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