Cruise Travel Insurance

What’s on your horizon? Days of sparkling waves, fresh air, and a world of magical sights and places gliding towards you, for you to sample as you please – or just let drift by without a care. Few things are as relaxing and reinvigorating as a cruise holiday.

These are just some of the things that could make your cruise a wonderful experience. But while for most cruise holidays things do run smoothly, it can’t be guaranteed. So to ensure you can cruise without a care, it’s also important to think about protecting your holiday with a quality Cruise Travel Insurance policy.

If you fancy adventure you may be looking ahead to sandy beaches or breathtaking fjords, quaint or exotic ports, restaurants and shopping delights, or the numerous on-board activities and facilities. And at the end of the day… watching another glittering sunset.

Set sail with confidence… with Staysure Cruise Travel Insurance

Cruise Holiday Insurance can be added to any of our policies. Our optional Cruise Plus upgrade, available with a 5 Star Defaqto Rated Comprehensive policy, offers you holiday cover for missed ports, itinerary changes, interruption, cabin confinement and much more.

And if you have a pre-existing medical condition, we’re specialists: 98% of people who call us find we can offer them cover.

So before you set out on the voyage of your dreams, why not make sure you’re properly ship-shape with Staysure Cruise Travel Insurance.

You can call our travel insurance specialists free on 0800 033 4902 or get a quote online in minutes.

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Do I really need Cruise Travel Insurance?

Many cruise operators and agents require you to have cover in place before they will allow you to board their boats. Others do not require it but still highly recommend you do. Of course we all hope our cruise will be plain sailing, but sadly if things do go wrong, the cost of not being properly insured can turn out to be very high.

There is a range of potential problems that can arise specific to cruise holidays that most insurance policies do not provide cover for. That’s why with a specialist Cruise Plus Travel Insurance policy add-on from Staysure, you’ll receive the additional following cover:

Optional Cruise Plus Cover

  • Cancellation cover* -£5,000
  • Lost baggage up to £2,500
  • Missed port departure up to £1,500
  • Cabin confinement up to £1,000
  • Cruise interruption up to £750
  • Unused, pre-paid excursions up to £500
  • Itinerary change up to £500

Please note:  our Cruise insurance add-on can only be included with a Staysure Comprehensive Cover policy, subject to payment of an additional premium, and with ‘Cruise Plus’ shown on your Validation Certificate.

Getting the right cover for your medical conditions

If you have an existing medical condition, then a quality holiday insurance policy is vital. Medical treatment abroad can be expensive. When it comes to cruises this cost can increase significantly.

It’s worth being prepared for such eventualities with good quality cruise insurance.

Staysure will consider all medical conditions and offers you a straightforward online screening process that can be completed in just a few minutes. And if you have any concerns or queries please do call our holiday insurance team free on: 0800 033 4902 – they’ll be glad to help you.

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Cruise Travel Tips

Whether you’re thinking of setting sail or even if you’ve already booked your cruise holiday, we’ve compiled some tips to help you get the most out of your trip.

  • Ship Ahead! – It’s very often worth your while to book early. Many shipping lines, especially river cruise companies offer passenger bonuses such as free flights and on-board perks and credits if you book and pay for your holiday several months in advance.
  • Choose the calmer seasons – choosing a quieter part of the holiday season for your cruise – whether sea or river – can make the trip itself more relaxed. And it will almost certainly save you money. Peak season varies around the world. For instance, for European river cruises, April to October are the busiest times, but you can actually sail from March till December.
  • Before you pack, check for laundry facilities – a number of cruise lines offer self-service laundry rooms, and some favoured guests receive complimentary laundry services. Other lines charge a fee. Find out in advance what the available arrangements and whether there is a cost.
  • Know the dress codes – For some people dressing in formal gowns or tuxedos for dinner is one of the essential pleasures of cruising. Nowadays, formal evenings tend to require just suits or cocktail dress. The rest of the time ‘elegant casual’ is the norm – even jeans may be allowed. To avoid uncertainty, check in advance what your line recommends or requires for different situations. That way, if you do stand out with your style, it will for the best reasons.
  • Try something a bit different – from golfing to yoga, aerobics to line-dancing, cruises today offer all manner of leisure activities and facilities, and a number of them are free, so why not give one or two a go? And buying a spa pass can help add additional bliss to your voyage.
  • All hands spick and span! – cruise ships provide ample supplies of hand-sanitiser, and for good reason. It may sound obvious, but occasionally cruise ships do get struck by the norovirus bug, so care with cleanliness is essential for the good of all on-board. For the same reason, never pick from the buffet with your fingers.
  • Keep an eye out for daily discounts – cruise ships normally have a news sheet with special daily offers, events and treatments, from cocktail discounts to cinema showings and pampering at the spa.
  • Leave some room in your chest for treasure – when you visit port you may want to do some shopping or just pick up a few souvenirs. So make sure you save some space in your luggage, or perhaps pack a foldaway bag to fill up for the voyage home.

Cruise Holiday Insurance FAQ

Will I need Cruise Travel Insurance for a ferry crossing?

No. A cruise for insurance purposes is regarded as a ‘trip on ocean or river cruise-ships/boats.

Can I get travel insurance for a river cruise?

Yes. You’ll need to declare that you’re going on a river cruise holiday when applying for a quote to make sure you’re covered.

What if I am confined to my cabin?

If you are required by the ship’s medical team to stay inside your cabin due to a medical condition that you are experiencing, we will pay up to a total of £1000 (subject to policy conditions).

If I’m on a European cruise, does my EHIC card cover me for emergency medical care?

The EHIC gives you access to free or reduced cost emergency medical care in the European Economic Area. However, only a certain level of care is offered and it doesn’t provide any cover for events such as cancellations or emergency repatriation.

When should I buy my Cruise Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance should ideally be purchased as soon as you book your cruise holiday to help ensure you are covered for cancellations right from the start. Single Trip policies from Staysure can be booked up to 13 months ahead of your departure date, which is perfect for cruise holidays planned well in advance.

Annual Multi-Trip insurance, which can include cover for any cruise trips taken over the course of the year, can be purchased up to 90 days in advance.

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*98% is based on claims made between January and December 2017. Payment within 5 working days depends on the insurer receiving all relevant information and documentation.