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Travel Insurance and
the Ebola outbreak

A photo of a document with the words Ebola virus under the spotlight.

9th October 2014

UK hospitals have been put on standby after four people were hospitalised in Spain to try and stop the spread of Ebola.

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New ash cloud threatens
flights across Europe

Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupting with an ash plume rising into the atmosphere

26th August 2014

Thousands of European flights could be cancelled as Iceland's largest volcano looks set to erupt—potentially creating another ash cloud.

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World Mosquito Day

A woman sitting on some grass treating a mosquito bite with some cream

20th August 2014

It's the noise most of us dread when drifting off to sleep in the summer—a high pitched buzzing that means a mosquito attack is imminent.

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A Big Fat
Greek Adventure

Famous paradise beach Navagio with shipwreck

12th August 2014

Ahhh Greece…it boasts jaw-dropping historic sites spanning four millennia, breathtaking beaches lapped by an emerald sea and an azure skyline...

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Travel Insurance

Are You Covered Note

7th August 2014

Assumptions, misnomers or expectations—call them what you want—it's essential to know what your travel insurance covers you for before you go away.

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Flight Cancellations—
Ebola Outbreak

A sign pointing to Sierra Leone

6th August 2014

British Airways has cancelled all flights to Sierra Leone and Liberia due to the deteriorating public health situation in the West African countries.

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