Travel insurance personal effects claims

You will need to complete a baggage and money claim form if you had property lost, stolen or damaged on your trip. If your baggage was delayed you will need to complete a delayed baggage form.

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Making a baggage and money claim

  • Which documents do you need?

    When submitting your claims, please return the claim form with all requested documents. We require the originals of the following documents:

    • Baggage check tags
    • Evidence to support ownership of personal items – this should include original receipts for the items but if these are not available then
    • A Police or Couriers Report as stated on your Policy Terms and Conditions. Please refer to your certificate for clarification
    • For money claims, currency conversion slips/copy of bank/building society statements or a letter from your bank confirming withdrawal of funds prior to the trip
    • For personal effects claims see the note on the front of the form – Evidence Of Ownership/Value
    • The Property Irregularity Report issued by the carrier, ticket and baggage tags
    • Please keep all damaged items. These may be required for inspection by us
    • Receipts for any emergency items purchased.
    For all claims
    • The Travel Insurance Certificate together with the receipt issued by the Travel Agent showing payment of the Insurance Premium
    • The Tour Operators or Travel Providers booking document(s) showing the total cost of the holiday
    • Travel Tickets (airline/ferry/coach etc…)
    • Your travel itinerary
    • A photocopy of your passport page showing your photograph, name and date of birth (This is only required to verify the identity of the claimant(s))
    • Documents to support any discount given to you for your travel arrangements.

    If in doubt, send in as much information as you can.

    We will return original death certificates and annual insurance certificates. Please note that any costs associated with getting this information is not a claimable expense.

  • Why are you asking for details of my household insurance policy?

    In order to help keep down the cost of your insurance premiums there is an agreement between insurance companies to each contribute to the cost of a claims where coverage applies. This will not affect any no claims discount applicable to your policy.
  • What is an excess?

    The policy excess is the amount you have to pay towards each claim. In some cases you can pay an excess waiver premium, which means no deduction will be made from the claim settlement for the policy excess. Please be aware the excess is applied to each claimant and each trip cancelled. The excess may be deducted from the claim settlement.