Benefits of an ‘over 50s’ insurance company

Posted on July 13, 2012 by Guest Writer
Mature couple enjoying their holiday in the sun

Choosing insurance policies can sometimes be a daunting process with so many policy types on offer. It is comforting to have a company that really understands your individual requirements, while also allowing you to personalise aspects of your policy.

Selecting an over 50s insurance company simplifies the insurance process, meaning you can spend less time sorting out financial details and more time enjoying your car, house, holiday or whatever it is you’re insuring.

Here at Staysure, we strive to make purchasing travel insurance as little hassle as possible for our customers, while also providing a secure safety net and being there to offer help and guidance in the unfortunate event that something does go wrong.

We offer insurance tailored to your individual needs

We have a wealth of experience working with all age groups from 50 onwards. We understand what destinations and types of holidays our customers may be interested in and what activities they might want to undertake while they are travelling.

Over 50s tend to be at a point in their lives where they can enjoy the rewards of their hard work. Whether you’re a workaholic in desperate need of a break, a recent retiree ready to realise long-standing travel ambitions, or just continuing to enjoy seeing the world, there are plenty of options for you.

Here at Staysure, we offer a range of cover options, from inexpensive Basic policies to Comprehensive cover, where customers can pay a bit more for some extra peace of mind. On top of this standardised cover, customers can select other optional extras for their policy to make sure they are getting the right amount of insurance, the best deal and the exact amount of cover they need.

Our policies feature great medical options

When considering insurance policies one of the most important aspects to look at is the medical element. At Staysure, we understand which medical conditions may be of concern when seeking insurance and that’s why we consider each condition on a case by case basis. These pre-existing conditions include ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, which should in no way stop you achieving your travel dreams.

What’s more, when it comes to car insurance, home insurance and holiday home insurance, we recognise that you are likely to have worked hard to afford luxuries, and they need to be well protected using comprehensive policies – not underinsured. Your possessions are likely to be worth substantially more than they were when you were 20, and choosing an over 50s insurer means that the policies and cover options will reflect this.

No gimmicks or hassle

Taking out the necessary insurance for your holiday, house or car is certainly not an exciting part of life, but it is a vital one. Here at Staysure, we pride ourselves on high levels of transparency. You can choose whether to buy cover quickly and easily online, or ring up our experts to talk in more depth about what you need and how we can help. We appreciate that you don’t want to be bothered with gimmicks or complicated processes and would prefer to know exactly what you are buying, what it covers you for and how we will help if something does go wrong.