City apartments versus rural house

Posted on July 13, 2012 by Guest Writer
Country house

If you are buying a holiday home abroad it is likely that you already have a vision in your mind’s eye of what you would like it to be. You might see yourself staying in the middle of a fast-paced city, spending your days soaking up the culture and indulging in some retail therapy before hitting the town at night for some national cuisine or dancing. How does spending your days swimming in the ocean and indulging in mouth-watering beach bar fry-ups sound? Then again maybe rolling hills, quaint tradition and peace and tranquillity are more your thing. Depending on what sort of person you are you will either love or hate the idea of your holiday home being a city apartment or a rural house – and there are pros and cons when it comes to both.

Live a fast-paced life in a city apartment

Most city dwellers absolutely love living in a vibrant, bustling environment where there is always something to do. The romanticism of owning a property in a foreign city like Barcelona, Paris or Rome is a draw for many, with these metropolises encompassing seemingly endless rows of bars, restaurants and coffee shops, meaning your next adventure is often just round the corner.

One of the biggest attractions of investing in a city apartment is that it has so many amenities nearby. Transport links are fantastic and there is likely to be an airport nearby. This can lengthen your holidays as there is less travelling involved, meaning that you might be more likely to go for a weekend getaway than if you owned a rural house miles from anywhere. An easy journey to your holiday home will encourage you to visit more, and make it easier for friends and family to come visit.

What’s more, a city centre apartment is fantastic when it comes to renting it out to other holidaymakers and business people. While it may cost more to invest in an apartment in a prime location, the odds are you’ll make the money back quickly by renting it out to holidaymakers.

However, there are drawbacks to purchasing a holiday home in a city as it can be noisy and too busy, which does not make for a very relaxing break. What’s more, the apartment is likely to be more expensive and living costs while you’re there will be much higher than if you took a beachside apartment.

If you need to relax, a beachside apartment may be the best option

Some people just love a beach holiday and can imagine nothing better than spending day after day relaxing on sun-drenched sands, swimming in the surf, eating local cuisine in beach bars by day, and enjoying a drink in cocktail bars on the front at night. Investing in an apartment near the beach can make all these dreams come true.

Not only do beach resorts have great nightlife and plenty of shops and restaurants, just like a city apartment would, they have the added bonus of stretches of golden sand and crystal clear waters.

However, if you want to rent the apartment out, a beachside place may not be the best option. They tend to rent for less than a city-based dwelling and, as there are so many of them, you may find it difficult to fill. This can be especially true out of season.

This can mean that beachside places are only good for around half the season, while the sun is shining. There is little worse than being stuck at a beachside resort on a dreary day, when you can’t make the most of the sands and the sea. A city apartment, on the other hand, would be great to visit the whole year round.

Live the dream with a rural house

Many people fantasise about investing in an overseas rural escape (don’t forget to investigate overseas home insurance if you are) where they can relax in picturesque surroundings. Such properties tend to be off the beaten tourist track and allow property owners to really immerse themselves in the true culture of the nation. Rustic houses are usually spacious and charming, with plenty of space for family and friends to come for idyllic visits.

That said, many people who opt for an authentic house set in the countryside will find that they have to invest a lot of money into the house to get it how they want, and it is also likely to need more costly repairs even after renovations.

While the fact they are off the beaten track will appeal to many people, it can make getting there difficult, as there will be fewer transport links and it is likely to be further from an airport. This means you may not utilise it as much as a beachside or city apartment as you cannot just pop over for a weekend. It can also be more difficult for friends and family to visit.