How to keep down utility bill costs

Posted on July 13, 2012 by Guest Writer
Keeping down utility costs

With recent hikes in energy costs sending bills sky high, most of us will be keeping one eye on the thermostat in the foreseeable future. But by using a little energy efficiency and making some minor changes to a routine, there are some simple ways you can slash your bills while still keeping your home warm and cosy. We have compiled a few easy methods of keeping your energy expenditure low that will save you money, which can then go towards more enjoyable pursuits.

Take your heating into your own hands

Thinking about central heating is unlikely to be the most exciting part of your day, but by investing in a number of heating controls you can save a significant amount of wasted energy without having to get pedantic about it. More than 80 per cent of home energy use is for heating and hot water, meaning that if you do something about these things, you may be able to slash your bill significantly.

Thermostats for heating and hot water really are invaluable tools, allowing you to turn the facilities up and down as needed. This ensures that less energy is wasted, as when you do not need hot water, or suddenly feel warm, you just have to flick a switch and start saving money. You can also get radiator valves encompassing thermostats, which puts an end to the guesswork of radiator dials and ensures that they are only as hot as you want them to be. Electronic timers are another big help when it comes to taking control of your heating, enabling you to turn the heating and hot water off shortly after you go to bed and on before you get up again.

Take an environmentally friendly approach

Choosing the most energy-efficient boiler will not only save you plenty of money when it comes to bills, it will also cut your carbon footprint. Energy-efficient boilers will be marked with the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label – this is only found on the top 20 per cent energy-efficient products of those available.

When replacing your other appliances, it is also a great idea to opt for energy-efficient products. Once you stop wasting energy through old fashioned appliances, you should see a real difference in your bills.

Insulation, insulation, insulation!

Insulation really should not be underestimated when it comes to making utility bill savings. It is a well-known fact that more than half of the heat lost in a poorly insulated home escapes through the walls or the roof. Putting in loft insulation could slash your bills by up to £225 per year, while installing cavity wall insulation could save up to £110 a year on average.

Loft insulation is an extremely easy process, and you can even do it yourself, while cavity wall insulation can be installed by professionals in just a few hours.

Change your routine

As well as the bigger changes that can be made around the home, there are plenty of little things you can do yourself just by making a few small adjustments to your daily routine.

Becoming more conscientious about turning lights on and off when entering and leaving rooms is easy to get used to, while only filling the kettle up as much as you really need to is another small measure that can make a big difference. Keeping the boiler on a low level rather than repeatedly turning it on and off could also save you money, as does washing clothes at a lower temperature.

Another tip is to try turning the room thermostat down by just one degree Celsius. You are unlikely to feel the difference but this could actually save you as much as ten per cent on your heating bills.

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