Travel insurance jargon explained

Posted on July 13, 2012 by Guest Writer
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Planning a holiday is an exciting time and there is plenty of preparation to do, including investing in the perfect travel insurance policy. There are a number of different types of travel insurance policies; including Single Trip, Annual Multi Trip and Long Stay Travel Insurance, each of which offer specific benefits to different types of travellers.

Choose Single Trip Travel Insurance for a one-off holiday

Single Trip Travel Insurance is perfect for people who do not travel that much. It covers everything you need on a standard holiday, and you can tailor your level of cover by opting for either the Basic or Comprehensive policy.

A Basic policy will cover you for emergency medical treatment, repatriation and baggage for the one trip, as well as cancellation, curtailment and trip interruption. A Comprehensive policy offers you increased cover limits and many additional benefits including 21 days of winter sports cover and luggage delay.

There are also plenty of additional cover options to consider which can help tailor a Single Trip Travel Insurance policy to a particular trip.

For a three month plus trip, opt for Long Stay Travel Insurance

People who are heading on a three month plus holiday are likely to have very different insurance needs from those just heading away for a week or two. This is reflected in Long Stay Travel Insurance policies, which cater to the specialist requirements of these sorts of travellers.

Staysure customers can tailor their Long Stay Travel Insurance to their own trip, choosing cover for anywhere between three and 18 months – with 90 day travel insurance being particularly popular. Long stay cover is available up to the age of 75, and can be booked up to 13 months in advance – reflecting how longer trips tend to be planned.

While some insurers are reluctant to give people with pre-existing medical conditions long stay travel insurance, here at Staysure we consider each customer on a case by case basis.

Long stay travellers will need comprehensive cover for many aspects of their trip due to its very nature – a sturdier safety net is needed. However, there is a low-cost option to cover basic requirements like medical emergency and baggage.

You could save with Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

People who travel often are likely to be familiar with Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance, but even if you get away as little as twice a year you could still benefit from this type of policy.

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance saves people from having to insure each singular trip they go on, and can save a lot of money over the year. With Staysure, policyholders can take as many trips as they want to during the insurance period – up to 183 days each year. Customers with this type of insurance reap great benefits including up to £10 million medical emergency and repatriation cover, up to £5,000 cancellation cover and even 21 days of ski insurance

Although it is likely to cover a number of holidays each year the insurance can still be tailored to meet the needs of the holidaymaker, with both Basic and Comprehensive cover available.