Essential things to arrange when buying a holiday home

Posted on August 14, 2012 by Guest Writer
Country cottage

When people invest in a holiday home, no doubt they have visions of sunbathing, swimming and indulging in fine local cuisine. However, before you can achieve this idyllic dream, there are some more mundane aspects of moving that need to be sorted out. The things you need to arrange when buying a holiday home depends on whether the property is primarily going to be used just by you, or whether you’re going to open it up to family and friends too.

1. Moving furniture

Just like when you move house at home, moving furniture is a sizable consideration before you can move into your holiday home. Some people will choose to ship some of their home furniture over, but this can be tricky for a number of reasons. For instance, when you have a holiday home, you keep your first property too, meaning that you can’t just send all your furniture to your new property; you need to be really sure about what you need at home and what can be shipped.

However, if you do decide to ship some belongings over, it is important to compare different companies, as prices will vary and there could be some special deals available. It is also important to consider the service levels of a company, what they offer and what experience they have of shipping to the country you have chosen.

Some people will choose to buy new furniture especially for their new home. Many will opt to fill their house with local purchases from shops nearby their new property as this is likely to fit the style of their new house best.

Unless there are things you really want to take from your main home, that budgeting to buy new furniture at the new destination can actually prove cheaper than sending your own belongings over.

2. Get your utilities organised

You will want to ensure that your gas, electricity and water are all in place before you stay in the property. It may be that you can just continue the supplies from the previous owners or tenants and simply change the name; or you may want to switch to a cheaper provider – this should be easy enough, as it can now be done over the phone or online. Those who are unsure about the best providers to go with should have a look at some expat online forums for advice and first hand experience.

If you are a TV fan and don’t want to miss your favourite British programmes while abroad, it is a good idea to get a television package organised, with all the best channels before staying at your new property.

3. Make sure your insurance is in place

Holiday home insurance is an essential component of owning such a property. People who have invested in a home abroad will want to look at buildings and contents insurance for their new house. Buildings insurance protects holiday home owners against literal damage to their property, ensuring that in the case of a fire, flood or other such disaster, damage can be repaired.

Meanwhile, contents insurance protects against the loss, damage or theft of your possessions in the house. Failing to take out such an insurance policy could leave you severely out of pocket should something go wrong. With the house being empty or having tenants in it a lot of the time, taking out an insurance policy will give you the extra peace of mind that you are protected should something go wrong.

Essential things to remember when buying a holiday home