Ways to make your holiday home more marketable

Posted on August 14, 2012 by Guest Writer
Tins of paint

While people who invest in a holiday home no doubt do so with the intention of enjoying the property with their family and friends, there will still be parts of the year when the building stands empty. Holiday home owners could make the most out of their property and earn some additional income by renting it out during the periods when they are not planning using it themselves. For those interested in a project, there is also the opportunity to buy a property that is in need of renovation, which once done up, can be sold on for a profit. It is important to consider where to buy such a property – you need to ensure it is in an area that has enough demand from holidaymakers to make it an attractive option.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of ways to make your holiday home more marketable, whether you’re aiming to rent or sell.

Think about things potential renters will want

When deciding on ways to improve your property, think about what the typical holidaymaker will want from their accommodation.

For example, adding a private outdoor swimming pool to a holiday home will see it soar in rental price, and owners could soon make back the money invested to install it. Don’t forget that a swimming pool would also be a great addition for your own time spent there as well. If you’re planning on selling, estate agents advise that a swimming pool can add considerable value to the property.

Create a great outdoor space in which holidaymakers will enjoy spending their time. Invest in some luxurious outdoor furniture, provide sun loungers, plant flowers and turf garden areas, all of which are all relatively cheap to do, but will make the property considerably more attractive to potential renters. It could even help people interested in buying the property to see it in a better light and envisage what it might be like to live there.

When people go on holiday they like to cut loose and enjoy themselves, why not help them do so, by installing a barbeque in the garden, or perhaps an outdoor bar area, creating the perfect space for hosting parties?

Treat your holiday home as you would your main property

When it comes to general maintenance tips, there is no reason to treat your holiday property any differently than you would permanent residence. While there is likely to be less wear and tear on a second home as it is not used so often, keeping up to date with maintenance jobs as you go along will help prevent big problems building up and will make the property look much more attractive to potential renters and buyers. If your holiday home is on the market and you’re not having much luck selling it, then a fresh lick of paint inside and out, can work wonders by improving that important first impression.

One great idea, especially if you rent the building out a lot, is to invest in a weekly cleaning service while it is occupied. Not only will this keep the house clean for you, it may also make it a much more attractive rental for people seeking real relaxation for a week or two.

Despite having to invest a large sum in a holiday home in the first place, many people have found that owning one can prove to be lucrative if they manage to rent it out; and those who buy a property to renovate and sell on can also make money, by ensuring they do their research first.