Cancer Talk Week

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Guest Writer
A group of people talking about cancer

Cancer Talk Week (2014) focuses on the emotional impact of cancer on patients and their close friends and families. Having the courage to talk and accept helps all those involved at such an emotionally vulnerable time of their lives. Find out more here.

Everyone shudders at the “C” word and initial diagnosis is undoubtedly a frightening time for both patients and their families and friends. No matter how many loved ones cancer patients might have around them, talking about the condition and how it makes them feel is often frightening and stressful. Many patients and their nearest and dearest feel isolated and out of control while others who do turn to a close friend or family member, often find them as much in need of support as they do.

Cancer Talk Week is vital to helping people understand the need to talk and encourages an open forum for information and support for all sufferers across the UK. Nationally, approximately 298,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year. Sadly, more than one in three members of the population develop some form of cancer during their lifetime.

Let Macmillan Cancer Support help you find the words you need to help those dear to you, whether you are a patient or a close friend. Call the Macmillan Helpline on 0808 808 0000 for a chat with a cancer support expert or talk to other people going through the same as you in their online community.

Local information centres also offer free, confidential information and support to anyone affected by cancer. Find your nearest information centre here.