Get ‘appy’ on holiday with Staysure top 10 travel apps

Posted on April 25, 2014 by Guest Writer
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Staysure’s technology-loving staff have been compiling a top ten holiday apps list for you this month. Now is a great time to get the most out of your smartphone with our top ten travel apps.

In the old days all you needed was a passport, a guidebook and a wallet full of local currency for an organised holiday. Then the Internet revolution and smartphones changed everything. Today there is a mindboggling array of applications to make your travels more comfortable, safe and fun!

If you travel armed with a smartphone, you can now be a figure of authority on currency rates, flight times and the sights and sounds of countless foreign cities. And for those of us who get lost easily and find themselves at the mercy of unscrupulous taxi drivers, GPS and Google Maps mean you can safely navigate for yourself.

So why not make your smartphone smarter with these essential add-ons?

1. XE Currency App

A firm favourite for frequent travellers who need to change money into different currencies. This app lets you see live foreign exchange rates worldwide. It’s also convenient when shopping to convert prices into Sterling in just seconds.

Free on both iOS and Android

2. AroundME

Do you want to know where the best restaurants, bars and places of interest are? Of course you do! This app detects your location and directs you to the nearest bank, bar, petrol station, hotel, hospital, cinema, supermarket and much more.

Free on both iOS and Android

3. FlightTrack

This nifty app enables you to follow the flight paths of thousands of international flights. What’s more, you’ll get information on delays, cancellations and airport departure gates for more than 3,000 airports. Handy if you are running late for a flight or picking someone up.

iOS £2.99; Android £3.02

4. Museums Mobile

A must for culture vultures – just switch on your GPS and it will lead you to the local museums, exhibitions and cultural events nearby.

Free on Android, not currently available on iOS

5. Word Lens Translator

A futuristic app that will raise eye brows and elicit gasps of astonishment. Word Lens translates foreign text by taking a photo with your phone camera. It’s certainly worth a few pounds if you have a penchant for ordering the wrong food on foreign menus.

Free on iOS, Android £2.99

6. Sunscreen

To avoid looking like a wrinkly handbag this sun-savvy app needs to be on your smartphone pronto. Sunscreen detects the UVL at your current location and lets you know how often you should put on sun cream. It also works out which SPF you should be using, a skin type chart and sun safety tips.

Free on iOS, not currently available on Android

7. Skyscanner

This app searches one million routes and more than 1,000 airlines to find the cheapest flight possible. A great app whether you’re looking for budget flights or first class. It also enables you to book directly with no handling fees.

Free on both iOS and Android

8. Google Translate

Have you ever been in a foreign restaurant and felt like a philistine because you didn’t know how to say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ or ‘my friend will pay for everything’? This helpful app can help you sound like a linguistic genius rather than a boorish Brit abroad. It boasts more than 60 languages, making it invaluable for globetrotters.

Free on both iOS and Android

9. Swearport

And if all else fails, there is always Swearport. Perhaps you’ve just received a bill that would make a grown man weep. How do you show your frustration? As a global swearing master of course! It contains 1,400 plus swearwords in more than 50 languages. Just don’t expect to be given the role of International Peacekeeper at the UN any time soon if you use this app too much.

Android £1, not currently available on iOS

10. WhatsApp Messenger

An old app, but a highly useful one nonetheless. This allows you to keep in touch with friends and family overseas by allowing you to send texts, photos and videos without costly overseas phone charges – providing you have an Internet connection.

First year free for iOS and Android

Top 10 travel apps

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