Have a heart with Staysure

Posted on January 25, 2015 by Guest Writer
Hands holding a small pink heart

Staysure will be donating funds to the British Heart Foundation’s Wear it. Beat it campaign this February – find out more and get involved.

It’s an event that will see thousands of people dressing from head to toe in red across the UK on February 6th. Organised by the British Heart Foundation, the Wear it. Beat it campaign asks fundraisers to wear an item of red clothing to raise cash for the charity’s lifesaving research. From donning red lipstick and shoes, to your favourite football shirt or scarf – anything goes!

So far 14,000 people have signed up, with many organising a fundraiser at school, work or even at their local pub with friends and family. The money raised will fund ground-breaking research that helps people look after their hearts and will also provide support and care for heart patients and their families.

How you can help fundraise…

Hosting a red-themed event is simple and we’ve got plenty of ideas to help get you started.

Movie Night – Invite your friends round for a film night. Serve red snacks, red drinks, wear red and watch a film that features something red, like the Hunt for Red October or Moulin Rouge.

Dinner Party – Why not organise a red-themed dinner with a side-order of fundraising? The British Heart Foundation has put together some ideas for red themed breakfasts, tea parties or dinners, so why not try them out with your friends?

Nail and Beauty Bar – Massages, manicures and make-up! This is the perfect event for feel good fundraisers. Don’t forget the red theme; set the style with scarlet nails and lipstick.

Red Raffle – An easy event to organise – all you need are some prizes and tickets to get started.

You can also help spread the word on social media by tweeting #WearItBeatIt on Twitter or by joining the campaign on Facebook.

And if you’d like a FREE fundraising kit filled with everything you need visit the British Heart Foundation website.