8 unforgettable attractions to see in St Lucia

Posted on July 1, 2015 by Guest Writer
Beach in Saint Lucia

Situated in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, St Lucia is one of the most secluded and vividly beautiful islands in the world. This tranquil region is beset with roaming rainforests, formidable mountain expanses and volcanic sites, as well as opulent beaches and luxurious guest resorts.

If you are planning a holiday to St Lucia, here are eight favourite tourist attractions you won’t want to miss:

Pigeon Island, St Lucia

1. Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island National Park is a 40 acre island located in northern St Lucia. This historical site was once used as a lookout and fort by the British during the 18th century. You can explore the ruins of the military buildings that were erected during the battles between France and England.

In addition to learning about Pigeon Island National Park’s military and geographical history, visitors can also enjoy panoramic views of the northwest coast as well as relaxing walks along the island’s beautiful white sandy beaches.

Rainforest Plant and snail

2. Tet Paul Nature Trail

If you’re staying at a hotel in St Lucia’s southern region, then you’re perfectly placed to visit the Tet Paul Nature Trail. This gentle tropical forest trail introduces you to majestic views of Martinique and St Vincent. If you choose to participate in a guided hike, you can learn all about the medicinal plants and trees that are indigenous to the area, as well as taste some deliciously exotic tropical fruits. You can also enjoy a 360 degree view of the forest by climbing the trail’s “stairway to heaven” steps.

Diamond Falls, St Lucia

3. Diamond Falls

Visit the Soufriere Estate in St Lucia to marvel at the breathtaking Diamond Falls, a stunning waterfall that is coloured by mineral deposits. Venture further throughout this area and you will unearth opulent gardens that are adorned with tropical flowers, internationally sourced shrubs, coconut, mahogany, red cedar and cocoa trees, as well as discover St Lucia’s healing mineral hot spring baths, which were constructed hundreds of years ago for the troops under the rule of King Louis XVI of France.

Aerial View of Marigot Bay, St Lucia

4. Marigot Bay

Hailed by many as the most beautiful bay in all of St Lucia, Marigot Bay is a sight of incredible natural beauty. It is surrounded by lush, green hillsides, swaying palm trees and deep blue waters, making it a St Lucia dream come true.

The Pitons at Sunset, St Lucia

5. The Pitons

Created by volcanic activity over 200,000 years ago, the Pitons are towering twin peaks and whether you intend to hike these wonderful monuments as part of an adventurous excursion or marvel at them from afar, they are humbling geographical landmarks and must see natural wonders if you are holidaying in St Lucia.

Castries Market, St Lucia

6. The Castries Market

Taste local delicacies and stock up on souvenirs with a visit to the Castries Market. Located at the eastern end of the Castries Harbour, this time-honoured market sells a myriad of locally grown fruits and vegetables and a wealth of unique treasures, including spice gift baskets, wood carvings, batiks, homemade oils and condiments, amongst other delights.

Canaries Waterfall, St Lucia

7. The Enbos Saut Waterfall Trail

Explore Mount Gimie, St Lucia’s highest mountain, from a unique perspective along the Enbos Saut waterfall trail. You can complete this hike in less than two hours on foot, or significantly faster by safari vehicle. You will have the rare opportunity to gaze upon some of St Lucia’s most secluded rainforests, waterfalls and wildlife. Amongst some of the native birds you may find here are the St Lucia parrot, the St Lucia oriole, the Sempers warbler and the St Lucia wren.

Sulphur Springs, St Lucia

8. Sulphur Springs Park

Rest and recuperate atop the most geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles. By travelling to Mount Soufriere and roaming across the edge of its 274 metre crater from the safety of an observation platform, you can discover bubbling pools, hissing fumaroles and even relax in some of the park’s nearby therapeutic springs. A visit to this extremely rare volcanic site is likely to be a truly unforgettable experience.