A complete guide to the best Las Vegas shows

Posted on July 8, 2015 by Guest Writer
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When anyone thinks of Vegas their mind goes to one of two things: addictive casinos or mind-blowing shows. If you are someone who wants to maximise your enjoyment while spending the least amount of money, the Las Vegas Strip offers you some of the most interesting shows and performances anywhere in the United States – or perhaps even in the world. Most hotels in Las Vegas have shows every night, and they will all sell tickets to other shows so you have no reason not to enjoy the experience while you’re there.


Circus du Soleil, Las Vegas

O Cirque du Soleil (Bellagio)

There is no Las Vegas show more renowned around the world than O Cirque du Soleil, and no holiday to Las Vegas would be complete without a ticket. Bear in mind that the show sells out every single night it is performed, so book early in order to avoid disappointment on the night. You can expect a variety of things from O Cirque du Soleil, but be prepared for jaw-dropping acrobatics from more than a hundred stage performers, over-stimulating your senses in an unforgettable 105 minutes of your life. Anyone over the age of five can enjoy the show, and there are typically two showings a night, for five nights a week.


Purple sun

La Reve – The Dream (Wynn Las Vegas)

If you aren’t able to get into an O Cirque du Soleil show, or you’d like to try something a little different, you might want to head down to La Reve at the Wynn Hotel. The main feature of the show is a 68.5-foot wide, 42-foot deep pool which is surrounded by more than 1,600 seats. The seats furthest from the pool are a mere 42 feet from the edge of the water, which gives everyone a fantastic experience and view of the performers. The proximity of the seats to the main pool mean that you don’t watch La Reve – you experience it with the performers each night.


The Bellagio in Las Vegas Nevada

Penn and Teller (Rio)

The Penn and Teller show is significantly cheaper than most other Las Vegas shows, at around $60 a ticket during its Saturday to Wednesday run. Penn and Teller are truly unique, mixing comedy with their world-class magic which has given them their fame around the world. As with most Vegas shows, the audience is an integral part of the act, with audience members brought up onto the stage every night. The pair will perform some of their classic acts as well as brand new tricks, so whether you’re a fan of the giant Penn, or relate more to the silent Teller, their 90 minute set will leave you pondering just how they did it for days afterwards.

Rock star on stage

Rock of Ages (The Venetian)

If you want to be whisked back to the ’80s, Rock of Ages is the show for you. Over 130 minutes, the band will take the audience back through more than 30 rock classics from the era, including We Built This City, I Wanna Rock and Don’t Stop Believin’. The show has been nominated for five Tony Awards, but don’t let that deceive you, the performance is far more akin to a rock concert from days long past than it is the sort of musical you would watch in the West End. Get ready to believe that Margaret Thatcher is back in power, that the space shuttle Columbia has blasted off, and that the Berlin Wall is ready to come down. The 1980s are ready to rock in Vegas.

Celine Dion Sign at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Celine Dion (Caesars Palace)

Vegas has always attracted the best vocalists the world has to offer, and Caesars Palace is keeping up the tradition with a Celine Dion performance which rivals all others. At the core of the show are the timeless classics we all know and love (complete with the sparkling outfits, of course), but there are some new hits in there to keep things interesting for the whole audience. As you would expect from Vegas, the production is completely over the top, with a light show and video display to really make the ticket price great value for money.


Illusionist magician is doing magic with top hat

Mac King Comedy Magic Show (Harrah’s)

It would be unfair to make a list of the best shows in Las Vegas without including Mac King. Although he isn’t widely known in the UK, he has the longest running continuous magic show in Vegas, and there’s a reason for it – he’s both hilarious and great at what he does. While Penn and Teller have their own on-stage presence which we know and love, Mac brings something different to his show which both mesmerises the audience while interspersing their amazement with fits of laughter. He’s an old gent and a classic, and his show is one of the cheaper you’ll find in Vegas.