Attractions away from the beach in Miami

Posted on July 2, 2015 by Guest Writer
Lighthouse in Miami, Florida

If you’re planning a package holiday to Miami we don’t need to point out the way to the beach. However, in this city of sunshine and bikinis there are a number of other attractions beckoning you in.

Here are some interesting beach-free ways to have fun on your holidays in Miami:

Miami Marlins Baseball Stadium, Miami, Florida

Marlins Park

Ball sports are huge in America, and baseball is one of the most popular. While in Miami, you might like to take in a game at the enormous Marlins Park and soak up the atmosphere of a sport that is so synonymous with the USA.

Opened in 2012 in Little Havana, Marlins Park is home of the Miami Marlins and covers 17 acres so that it can hold massive crowds of up to 37,442 people. Cheer along with the die-hard fans, indulge in a hot dog or two and try to learn the rules of this fas- paced, popular sport.

old castle wall carvings

Coral Castle

For a touch of mystery, this amazing structure is well worth a visit on your holiday in Miami.

Coral Castle, built by Edward Leedskalnin, is notable for the legends surrounding its single- handed construction, with enormous stones weighing several tonnes and a distinct lack of mortar holding the structures together. Leedskalnin began work on the castle in 1923 and continued right up to his death in 1951. This eccentric Latvian American never let anyone observe him working and it has been speculated over the years that he used supernatural abilities or reverse magnetism to create the impressive complex.

The castle is made up of limestone and coral megalithic stones held together only by their own weight as they rest atop one another. It is doubly surprising that the structures have remained standing without so much as shifting, even through a category 5 hurricane.

Among the structures you’ll find an eight foot high perimeter a wall;an obelisk;a water well;a fountain; carvings of stars and planets; a heart shaped table; twenty-five rocking chairs; and a throne.

For a touch of mystery, this amazing structure is well worth a visit on your holiday in Miami.

Dolphin, Sea World, Florida


Covering 38 acres, the Miami Seaquarium is likely to satisfy your curiosity for undersea creatures. Explore the park to see a huge variety of marine creatures and then take in one of the spectacular shows featuring killer whales, dolphins and sea lions. Take a VIP private tour for the chance to meet an iguana, amacaw and feed manatees, stingrays and sea turtles. You’ll also see crocodiles, tropical fish, flamingos, and sharks. This world-class zoo is a wondrous experience.

Art Deco District in Miami, Florida

Art Deco District

After a devastating hurricane in 1926, South Beach was rebuilt during the golden era of Art Deco. There are some 800 Art Deco structures in South Beach, ranging from tall, decadent hotels to quirky cafes with porthole windows. Pastel colours, geometric shapes and towering rectangular frames all give the atmosphere of having wandered back into the past.

Many of the buildings have a connection with Hollywood’s golden era, having hosted Clark Gable, Rita Hayworth and Esther Williams. At night, the area is particularly outstanding when the hotels glow with their trademark neon lights.

White Tiger at Miami Zoo, Florida

Zoo Miami

Covering 750 acres and housing over 3,000 animals, Zoo Miami will satisfy the David Attenborough in us all. The zoo dates back to the original Crandon Zoo, which was opened with just three monkeys, a goat and two black bears in 1948.

Today you’ll find five sections housing a wide variety of animals, including leopards and crocodiles in the Asia section; huge amounts of reptiles and birds in the Amazon and beyond section; and a massive variety of lizards, turtles and birds in the Florida everglades section. Throughout the day, casual talks and animal feedings are held you may even get the chance to ride a camel, or get up close with rhinos.

Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, FL

Venetian Pool

This stunning freshwater pool was created from a coral quarry in 1924, and has undergone several facelifts since. It was built to imitate the Mediterranean resorts and once saw gondolas sailing its waters. It is now a popular wedding venue due to its unusual beauty and features a grand waterfall, man-made island with palm trees, a bridge and a magical grotto with a network of caves leading twelve feet into the hillside. Of course there is also a café, a sun bathing area and walking paths around the complex. This is an unusual and stunning day out exploring the only pool listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Whilst relaxing on the beach is wonderful, it’s clear that Miami is a huge, vibrant city offering a variety of other activities, excursions and attractions. If you’re planning your beach holiday in Miami, don’t miss the opportunity to include some of these beach-free day trips on your itinerary.