Explore Zakynthos Town during holidays to Zante

Posted on July 2, 2015 by Guest Writer
Zakynthos Harbor viewed from the sea

There are a boundless number of things to do during your holiday to Zante, but there is no doubt that Zakynthos Town is one of the most intriguing places on the island. Often referred to as simply Chora by the locals, it is easy to get around on foot with its paved squares and streets providing lots of opportunities for you to explore.

Venetian and Byzantine architecture is one of its top attractions and has countless cafes and charming bakeries to try out. Located to the east of the island, the town is just a few kilometres away from resort of Tsilivi.
Bright outside dining area, Zakynthos Town


Parts of the town are famous for their vibrant atmosphere and popular with partygoers, although strict regulations mean nightclubs are restricted to the outskirts of the town. While the town has a lively feel deep into the evenings, the atmosphere never gets too energetic away from the main clubs area which is situated around the road to Argasi.

If you enjoy shopping, then you may want to visit Zakynthos Town during the day where you will find a wide choice of lively markets to explore and streets buzzing with people looking for a bargain. Take time to explore the town and try out the various produce that is widely available to buy on most street corners.


Church on St Mark's Square, Zante


Here you can admire a rich collection of hagiographies from the Byzantine times to the 19th century, Hellenistic and Byzantine sculpture and statues, and some beautiful icon-stands from the island’s churches.

Another imposing building next to church of Saint Nikolaos on the Mole, houses the Cultural Center of Zakynthos and Public Library, one of the largest in Greece with over 50.000 books.

The Library includes a small art gallery, various dolls with local costumes, photographic material and the historical archive of Zakynthos with codices and documents.

Among the most popular tourist attractions on Zante is the tombs of Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvos, which are preserved as part of the Solomos Museum in the medieval square of St Mark.

This makes for one of the most fascinating days out available on the island, with Mass held by the Catholic Church of St Mark.
Aerial view of Bohali, Zante


Scenic views

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to explore outside of the main town, you may come across some of the most spectacular views in Europe. Try heading for the famous Stranis Hill, which is known as the place where Dionysios Solomos wrote the national anthem after being inspired by the sights and sounds of the Greek revolution.

Bohali may also be well worth a visit, especially in the evenings where you can take in a truly magnificent sunset – don’t forget your camera, you may want to capture this memory forever.
greek Souvenirs


August is one of the most popular times to go on Zante holidays, as this time of the year Zakynthos Town is taken over by a number of important local festivities.

Near St Dionysios church a large flea market is set up, giving you the chance to pick up some of the towns charming souvenirs and gifts for loved ones back at home.

The 24th of August is a significant date on the Zante calendar, as this is when the island marks the transportation of St. Dionysios’ relics, which were moved from Strofades to their eventual home in Zakynthos, and a parade is held to mark this memorable event.
St Dionysios Church, Zante

Churches and monuments

Zante boasts a number of wonderful churches to explore with St.Denis being the largest. The foundation began back in 1925 and was finally completed in 1948, only a few years before the devastating earthquake of 1953.

It is one of the three churches that did not suffer any damage at all by the earthquake, something that is considered as very significant by the locals. With various frescoes and art works to enjoy, it could be an interesting way to spend an afternoon. The church also has an amazing gold interior.

Among the other most notable churches on the island is the Church of St Nicholas, which is known as being one of Zante’s oldest remaining buildings when much of the island was destroyed by an earthquake a little over 60 years ago.

Greek monuments can be spotted in Solomos Square such as the Statue of Liberty and the Statue of Solomos.