Great things to see and do around Puerto Alcudia that won’t dent your wallet

Posted on July 1, 2015 by Guest Writer
Alcudia beach, Majorca

Majorca’s coastal town of Puerto Alcúdia has been popular with holidaymakers since the 1970s thanks to the rise in package holidays, and today it is quickly well-established, favourite destination in Majorca.

Fortunately, concerted efforts have been made over the years to preserve the character of the old town and focus firmly on its quality. Today, the historic centre and the nearby resort area offer the best of both worlds for mature travellers.

If you’re looking for things to do and see and don’t want to travel too far or pay too much for an excursion, here are some activities you might like to consider:

Roman ruins on Majorca

Explore the old town of Alcúdia

The medieval town of Alcúdia lies two miles from the port and is encircled by 14th century walls that you can mount and marvel at the views. The name Alcúdia is Arabic in origin and means ‘on the hill’. It came into being with the arrival of the Moors, who settled and lived here until they were defeated and ousted by King James II of Aragon in 1229.

The town’s two gates, Palma or Sant Sebastian Gate and the Xara, or Porta del Mell, are particularly impressive.

A good way to learn more about Alcúdia and its history is to join a guided tour during which actors bring history to life. These are held every Wednesday and Friday at 9pm. The meeting place is Porta del Moll.

Also worth visiting is the Oratory of Santa Anna which is located opposite the cemetery between the port and Alcúdia, and dates back to the 13th century.

Visit the ruins of the Roman city of Pollentia

Puerto Alcúdia is the ancient settlement of Pollentia, which was founded by the Romans in 123 BC in the strategically important location between Alcúdia and the Bay of Pollenca.

It was the most important city in the Balearic Islands at this time. The site covers 15 to 18 hectares and you can visit the remains of the forum, the civic and religious heart of Pollentia where the Capitoline temple stood, as well as the theatre and the residential area of La Portella.

Street in Majorca decorated for a festival

Join in the summer festivals

Summer sees the arrival of festival season and Puerto Alcúdia hosts one of the biggest in the area in late June. The festival of Saint Peter, the patron saint of fishermen, honours and industry that was once of key importance  here.

A procession carrying a statue of the saint starts from the Església de la Mare de Deu del Carme i Sant Pere and proceeds through the streets before transferring to a boat to sailing around the bay, followed by hundreds of decorated boats.

The festival also features live music, sports contests and other activities, including a fireworks extravaganza in the evening.

Also worth checking out if you’re booking hotels or holidays in Puerto Alcúdia in late July, is the festival honouring its patron saint, James. The town remembers its Roman heritage in the ‘Night of the Romans’, when locals dress up in traditional costume and you can enjoy a week filled with outdoor theatre, concerts, exhibitions, sports contests, a bullfight and fireworks.

Hiking in the Sierra de Tramuntana, Majorca

Hiking and cycling

Cycling – Puerto Alcúdia has plenty of hire shops that rent out bikes and you can download guides including a detailed map, description and points of interest at

One 12km intermediate route offering stunning views of the coastline is from Alcúdia to La Victoria – you can find details of this and others at

Walking – Two short walking routes start from Ermita de la Victoria located 7km from Puerto Alcúdia. Follow a dirt trail for a few hundred metres until you reach a sign Penya des Migdia and take the route along the coast, which offers spectacular views.

An alternative is to take another trail from Ermita de la Victoria marked Talia d’Alcudia, which leads to the top of a small mountain. You can find other trails at Wikiloc or Wandermap.