Why Maspalomas is a great choice for a relaxing break

Posted on July 3, 2015 by Guest Writer
Maspalomas coast,Gran Canaria

Maspalomas is Gran Canaria’s southern jewel. Sitting right on the tip in the south of the island, Maspalomas is a sophisticated resort of laid back beach life and luxury bars and restaurants. The theme of quality and luxury carries on throughout the area and hotels in Maspalomas offer meticulous attention to detail and a diligent focus on their guests’ happiness.

With restaurants, bars and hotels in Maspalomas, all providing such a high standard of service and facilities, this aspect of your holiday is largely covered and you can relax and enjoy the stunning coastal town.

Maspalomas is the quieter sister of Gran Canaria’s more famous resort, Playa del Ingles. Unlike the busy Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas is all about relaxing by the pool, lying on the beach and enjoying fine dining in sophisticated surroundings. You won’t find loud nightclubs and hectic shopping malls here. Instead you’ll be treated to classy cocktail bars and boutique shopping choices. If Playa del Ingles radiates a party atmosphere, Maspalomas counters it with calm and sumptuous peace.
Maspalomas beach, Gran Canaria

The beach

The beach at Maspalomas is one of the major attractions to the resort. With an EU Blue Flag award for cleanliness, this stunning stretch of sand is spotless, quiet and the perfect place to bask in the sun.

If you venture to the Nature Dune Reserve, you’ll find more reasons to love the coastline here and appreciate the organic serenity of the area. The Nature Dune Reserve is a conservation zone consisting of three separate eco systems: water, sand and palm trees. The Reserve is protected, but its location amongst enticing spectacular sand dunes means it does get affected by tourists. Walk the promenade from the beach and it’s possible to see the Nature Reserve where birds stop and spend some time on their way to Africa, though visitors are encouraged to view without getting too close.

For something a little more energetic, the beach offers fantastic water sports facilities. The majestic clear waters here are perfect for taking a ride on a speedboat and water-skiing or snorkelling. Alternatively, you can take a guided camel ride through the spectacular sand dunes and get a truer understanding of Maspalomas’s location and strong links with the Sahara Desert.
Lighthouse, Maspalomas

The lighthouse

From the Nature Reserve, you can walk to the lighthouse, which is one of Maspalomas’s most famous landmarks. The lighthouse was commissioned in 1861 and is a focal point in the town. You’ll find Maspalomians are proud of this 55 metre high structure which has the honour of standing on the southernmost tip in Europe – a thought to behold, especially when you stand by the sand dunes that nestle alongside it and consider that these dunes are thought to be the very same as those which sweep along the Sahara only 200 kms away. It’s believed the sand dunes here in Maspalomas were formed from the Sahara Desert following a tsunami in 1755. All this makes your position on the Maspalomas beach a very unique one.


Restaurant in Maspalomas

Cafés and restaurants

Back on the promenade and you can relax in one of the many restaurants for a spot of lunch or stop at a café or bar for a drink. You could then take your time over some gentle shopping in one of the gift stores.


Parque Botanico Maspalomas

Parque Botanico Maspalomas

This contains an impressive 500 species of plant life all local and only seen in this region. You can easily spend a few hours here just wandering around the displays and taking in the relaxing atmosphere of beautifully presented natural designs. Situated right next door to the Botanical Gardens, you will find an 18-hole golf course. Never too strenuous a game, you could take some time out playing a round and appreciating the wonderful course and facilities.

If amid all this peace and relaxed meandering you happen to feel like doing something a little more energetic, the beach at Maspalomas offers some fantastic water sports facilities. The majestic clear water here is perfect for water-skiing and taking a ride on a speedboat and is particularly good for snorkelling. Alternatively, you can take a guided camel ride through the spectacular sand dunes and get a truer understanding of Maspalomas’s location and strong links with the Sahara.

However much, or how little, you decide to do on your break in Maspalomas, one thing’s for sure: the sleepy atmosphere and stunning scenery mean you can’t fail to relax. And with restaurants, bars and hotels in Maspalomas all taking care of your every need, all you have to think about is putting your feet up, enjoying great cuisine and a drink or two, and enjoying this beautiful, peaceful beach resort.