A trip to Sydney and Shanghai

Posted on August 25, 2015 by Guest Writer
The Pih family

For Staysure customers Joseph and Julie there were two great reasons to go travelling in July 2014. For starters, it was Julie’s 60th birthday and the couple had been planning to celebrate in style by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. And secondly, they were making a six-day stopover in Shanghai in China to see where Jo’s father had lived in the 1940s before emigrating to Liverpool.

Jo, 56, who now lives in Freckleton near Blackpool, told Staysure: “I’d never been to China before and I don’t speak Chinese. But I wanted visit my roots and trace my father’s footsteps of his last journey from Shanghai to Liverpool all those years ago.

Shanghai re-sized

“There was a civil uprising in China back then and the government was starving their own people. So my father got on a ship heading to England and didn’t return. If he had returned, it would have meant a death sentence for him.

“While there we visited a building called Custom House which is where the Chinese kept an eye on all the boats arriving and leaving Shanghai. I know that my dad’s final journey would have gone from Custom House, so the visit was rather emotional and quite an experience.

“My first impressions about Shanghai were that it was very surreal and very different from England. I’m part Chinese but they didn’t recognise me as Chinese, they thought I was English. It’s strange because back in England everyone thinks I’m Chinese.”

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As for Australia, Julie’s 60th birthday celebrations had been planned for 10 years – as she had said on her 50th birthday that she wanted to do be in Sydney for the big 6-0. The reason being that Jo is one of 16 siblings, and two of them have lived in Australia’s largest city for the last two decades.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Australia re-sized

Jo, who works as a youth worker for Barnardo’s, added: “On Julie’s actual birthday we climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge, which was an unbelievable experience. The views were incredible. It was a four hour climb and a really magical day. My brother climbed it with us for the first time too, despite having lived in Sydney for 20 years!”

Other highlights of the trip included a visit to Jonah’s Restaurant, near to where the Australian soap opera Home and Away is filmed. As for why the couple chose to get their travel insurance with Staysure, Jo explained that after comparing prices on the Internet, Staysure came out the best.

He added: “The quality of the insurance policy was good so we took out Annual Multi-Trip Insurance as we go to Europe for weekend breaks quite a lot. We felt very secure knowing that we were insured by Staysure. It just gives you peace of mind and it’s quite satisfying knowing that if anything does happen you are covered.

“Thanks Staysure for making her dream come true.”

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