Five million expected to leave UK for great festive getaway

Posted on November 14, 2015 by Guest Writer
Turquoise sea and a beach

An estimated 5 million* Brits are planning to escape the weather and family politics this Christmas by jetting off to sunnier climes, based on a survey of 10,000 UK holidaymakers.

Research* by insurance and travel specialist Staysure reveals that more than two thirds (68 per cent) of people put the weather at the top of their list of reasons for the great festive getaway, followed by avoiding having to cook Christmas dinner (30 per cent). One in five is keen to skip the stress of hosting family and friends (20 per cent), while 13 per cent want to steer clear of family politics.

The survey also revealed the nation’s top Christmas travel destinations for December 2015. The Canary Islands remain a firm favourite for short haul winter sun, while Florida, Sydney and New York top the list for long haul destinations.

For those staying home during the festive period – one in five cannot get away due to family obligations, while one in ten feel they must stay home to look after their pets.

Top 20 destinations for Christmas and New Year getaways:

  1. Lanzarote
  2. Gran Canaria
  3. Algarve
  4. Fuerteventura
  5. Florida
  6. Sydney
  7. Malta
  8. Barcelona
  9. New York
  10. Majorca
  11. Dublin
  12. Dubai
  13. California
  14. Goa
  15. Prague
  16. Lisbon
  17. Paris
  18. Mexico
  19. Venice
  20. Bordeaux

Chris Rolland, CEO from Staysure said: “While the festive period can be a stressful time for many, more of us are taking advantage of the fantastic bargains to be had at this time of year to get away from it all. That said, the research suggests that UK holidaymakers are not afraid to splash out on extra special trips at this time of year, with 38 per cent planning to spend over £1,000 per person.”

Staysure’s ‘Sure You Can!’ campaign aims to empower and inspire over-50s to fulfil their dreams and aspirations at any age – and help overcome perceived barriers to travel and adventure.

Top 10 reasons to get away over the festive break:

  1. Winter sun – escaping bad British weather
  2. Avoiding having to cook Christmas dinner
  3. Escaping stress of hosting family and friends
  4. Escaping family politics
  5. Escaping ‘Christmas cheer’
  6. I don’t have a big family to spend Christmas with
  7. You can get better deals during Christmas and New Year season
  8. Avoiding difficult relatives
  9. Escaping expense of buying presents for extended family
  10. I don’t celebrate Christmas

*17.6 per cent of respondents claim to be planning a trip away over the festive period. Based on UK population figures of 64.1 million and assuming 50% are ultimately able to go. Based on Staysure customer survey of 10,000 respondents, 2015. All prices correct as of 28.10.15