Five tips for protecting your travel gadgets

Posted on April 5, 2016 by Guest Writer
Woman with an ebook reader poolside

1. Back up the data

Before you set off for the airport or port make sure you’ve backed up all the data on your mobile phone including contact information, saved profiles and all of the images and videos.  Do the same for your tablet, e-reader and mp3 players.

Doing this will mean that if you misplace or damage any of your devices you won’t suffer the double trauma of losing your music, pictures and videos as well. When it comes to your digital camera, back-up the images and take new memory cards on your trip, leaving the full ones at home.

If you have a cloud storage account and access to reliable Wi-Fi while on holiday, use it to store new holiday snaps or back up your devices if you forgot to before leaving.

2. Keep them clean

Sand, mud, water, snow, food, drink – the list of things that can get on and potentially in to your gadgets goes on, and they will all wreak havoc.  To keep your gadgets grime-free, pack and carry screen and lens wipes, store your tech in appropriate carry cases and clean them often.

If you’re holidaying somewhere with plenty of sand or dust, tape up the memory card, headphone and charger slots in all of your gadgets.


Mobile phone dropped on the sand

3. Keep them safe

It sounds like an obvious one but people are a little more relaxed while on holiday and will make the odd mistake as a result – sitting on a mobile phone that’s been left in a back pocket is a common error that often results in a cracked screen. Handbags, rucksacks and other day-to-day holiday bags are also going to be fairly unkind to your gadgets if they’re left to rattle about.

Locking and password protecting your gadgets where possible is also important as it makes them less attractive to thieves and, if you’re unfortunate enough to have something stolen, protects the data and information on your phone.

It’s also important to remember that continued exposure to direct sunlight (irrelevant of the temperature), which isn’t all too common in much of the UK, can harm gadgets.

4. Invest in other tech and software

Investing in extra technology may seem a bit unnecessary as, unlike the gadget itself, you may only use it for a brief period.  However, if you’re travelling to a country which doesn’t have a reliable electricity supply or suffers from power cuts then investing in portable chargers and surge protectors is advisable. Surge protectors prevent damage as a result of excess voltage when electrical devices are plugged in or charging.

Anti-virus software is also a prudent purchase and most smartphones and tablets can be protected with an inexpensive and easy to download and use app. It’s recommended that you have anti-virus software anyway, but it becomes especially important if you need to use unsecured public Wi-Fi.

5. Use protection

There’s plenty of kit available to protect your gadgets from bumps, scrapes and most damaging of all, water. High quality screen covers, padded bags as well as water- and impact-proof protective cases are all worthwhile investments and there’s plenty of options out there for most gadgets when it comes to price, design and functionality.

Most people will have already invested in some form of protection (even in gadget insurance) for their tech, but it’s vital to think about the extra use it will be going through while on holiday. If you’re going to use an action camera while skiing think about investing in an impact resistant case or if you’re planning to lounge around the pool all day, waterproof cases are highly recommended.