What can £100 a day buy you in 10 cities?

Posted on May 9, 2016 by Guest Writer
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When it comes to planning a trip, budget almost always plays a factor. It’s not always easy to predict how much you will need on a daily basis for things like transport, food, drink and entertainment.

To find out which cities offer the best value for money, we decided to set a budget of £100 a day and pit 10 cities against each other to see which one came out on top. We looked at the average price for 6 items; a night in a 3* hotel, a three course meal, a pint, a couple of visits to museums or other attractions as well as transport for a 20 mile trip.

With an astoundingly low total of £38.38 for all items, the city topping our list for value for money is Hanoi in Vietnam. A £100 budget would leave you with £64.62 spending money each day!

Havana comes in second with free visits to the old town and very reasonable prices for food and drinks. Left over spending money in this city would be a handsome £43.32.

If you want to stick to Europe then Budapest and Barcelona could be ideal – finishing third and fifth respectively and holding their own against some of the long haul destinations on the list.

For ‘staycationers’ London boasts a world-renowned collection of free galleries and museums, but it fares less well in the overall stakes. Visitors would not be able to afford to take a ride in an iconic black cab, or tour the Tower of London.

Rounding off the list is San Francisco, while Oslo is often hailed as the most expensive city in the world, the Californian city pips it to the post in our list as the £100 budget only stretches to a room for the night and a pint of beer!

What £100 buys you around the world

£100 in Hanoi

£100 in Havana

£100 in Budapest

£100 in Cape Town

£100 in Barcelona

£100 in Singapore

£100 in Melbourne

£100 in Oslo

£100 in San Francisco

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