In the swim of things in Barbados

Posted on June 10, 2016 by Guest Writer
David Reasons finishes his swim race

Staysure customer Mr David Reason celebrated his 70th birthday with a dip in the Barbadian water, and a 3 mile race alongside a few world champions.

With a comprehensive policy tucked safely away in his luggage the septuagenarian set off for a holiday in the Caribbean. After arriving and instead of sipping cocktails and lounging about on pristine beaches, Mr Reason decided to go for a swim with a few world champions.

“I went to Barbados in March to celebrate my 70th birthday after having two heart attacks.

“While I was there I saw an advert for a swimming event in November. I decided that I would like to swim the 2,000 metre event followed by the 1 and 3 mile events, in three days.”

David had signed up for the recently formed annual Barbados Open Water Festival, an event which features a range of swimming, kayaking and paddleboard races along the island’s stunning white beaches. The event caters to all experience levels in numerous age groups.

Swimmers in Carlisle Bay Bridgetown Barbados

David continues: “It is an incredible event staged in the beautiful Carlisle bay just outside Bridgetown, It is really well organised and the world’s best open water swimmers took part including the American world champion and the Barbadian junior world champion.

“There wasn’t a category for my age group so I had to swim in the 65 to 70 age group.”

Not only did Mr Reason compete in the event, he gave the younger competitors a run for their money: “I think I did really well considering I was probably the oldest and finished around 5th in the younger category.

“The event this year is bigger and better with more sponsorship and the introduction of a 10-kilometre swim as well as the 5 and 1.5 kilometre races.

“I plan to go back this year and do it again and train harder to do a better time.”

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