Information for Staysure customers travelling with Low Cost Travel Group

Posted on July 24, 2016 by Guest Writer
Business as usual in European airport

Following the closure of Low Cost Travel Group on 15th July, the following information has been provided by Staysure for its affected customers.

In the first instance, LCTG customers who booked via a travel agent or organiser should contact them directly. They have a legal responsibility to provide assistance.

LCTG and its administrators have provided the following guidance to assist affected customers. Contact details and further guidance is available at:

Already on holiday

If you are already on holiday and you are in possession of your flight tickets, they should be paid for and remain valid.

People who have booked accommodation, transfers or car parking with LCTG are advised to contact the relevant providers for each and confirm the bookings. Travellers may be required to pay locally for these services and may be able to claim using the information below.

Due to travel

People who have received their flight tickets from the airline should be able to check-in and travel as normal.

Anyone who has not received a flight confirmation should contact the airline directly to determine the status of the reservation. If the airline informs LCTG customers that their reservation is not confirmed they will need to rebook flights with another provider.

Any other services that have been reserved with including accommodation, transfers, car-hire and airport parking will not be valid and will need to be rebooked with another provider.

Any costs incurred may be recoverable using the claims information below.

Staysure customers with insolvency cover

Staysure customers who have purchased insolvency cover should keep receipts and all documentation relating to purchases and call our claims service on: 020 3 540 4422 or email

Customers who purchased their policy and insolvency cover before November 1st 2015 should call: 020 8 776 3752 or email

All claims must be submitted within six months (by January 15th 2017). Any claims submitted after the six month period will not be processed.

Other claims

Customers who have not purchased insolvency cover may be able to reclaim any additional costs incurred by:

  • Lodging a claim with Govern de les illes Balears (, the regulator of the Spanish Travel Agency.
  • Making a claim with the merchant provider for any components paid for, but not received, with credit card or debit card if they booked directly with Low Cost Travel Group.

Note: Our policies have been updated since this story was published.