Travelling as a blood cancer patient

Posted on August 31, 2016 by Guest Writer
Blood cancer awareness month

Around 37,000 people are diagnosed with blood cancer in the UK every year. Finding reliable information about holidaying abroad can be a minefield and many patients can be wary of booking a holiday.

However, September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month and blood cancer charity, Leukaemia CARE has put together their advice for taking a holiday abroad.

What advice would you give to a blood cancer patient taking a trip abroad?

It is always advisable for blood cancer patients to talk to their GP or consultant before booking a holiday abroad. This way, medical experts can advise you on whether you are well enough to go. Acute blood cancer patients or those undergoing treatment may be advised not to take a holiday abroad, however, for patients that have finished treatment or those on watch and wait, traveling abroad may be an option.

Another thing to consider, is to be realistic with your itinerary. Packing too many activities into your holiday can be draining.

Are there any countries to avoid?

As a blood cancer patient, your immune system may be lower. For that reason, it is best to avoid travelling to countries which require you to have a vaccination in order to go there. It is also advisable not to travel to places where healthcare is of a poor quality or is limited and remote.

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Tips for travelling with medication

For many blood cancer patients taking regular medication, carrying your medicines abroad can be complicated. However, being prepared and organised can help with this.

Let your pharmacist know that you are going on holiday and ensure that you have enough medication to take with you for the whole time you’re away. Make a note of the generic drug names of your medication in case you need it. It may also be advisable to get a letter from your GP containing a medical summary and information about your medication should you need any medical assistance on your holiday.

Also, make sure to carry your medication in your hand luggage when travelling so that you can easily access it when need be.

Another factor to consider is if you are travelling to a different time zone as you will need to regulate your medication routine.

Activities blood cancer patients should avoid on holiday

Some of the treatments for blood cancer can affect your skin and how it reacts to the sun. It is advisable to avoid sitting in the sun as your skin may be more sensitive to burning.

You know your body better than anyone, so don’t push yourself too much. Try not to wear yourself out by packing too much into your time away and be sure to do your research to check that where you’re going is suitable for you if you tire easily.

Finally, if you’re unsure and need more advice on travelling abroad, Leukaemia CARE offer a 24-hour CARE Line available for all of your questions and concerns. Call: 08088 010 444 or visit the website here.

Get the lowdown on travelling with blood cancer

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