Team Staysure’s STRIVE Challenge – Setting Off

Posted on September 20, 2016 by Guest Writer

The day has finally arrived – we’re jetting off to Italy to endure 690km of pain and agony for charity. Unbelievably I still can’t get Ryan off the phone – although it looks like someone’s just told him how long we’re going to be in the saddle for.

I’m sure he said he did two rides before today. He’s at least just bought his medical kit in the duty free. We’ve all been told by to ensure we have plasters – something about nasty rashes?

We’ve also been watching the weather after seeing some fellow Strivers endure some harsh conditions. We were promised sunshine and beautiful mountains, I think we may be getting the mountains. It’s now thunder and lightning lashing down with rain. Oh deep joy!

We’ll keep the updates and few pics coming. Wish us all luck and it’s not too late to contribute to a worthwhile cause.