Team Staysure’s STRIVE Challenge – Day Five, Final Push

Posted on September 25, 2016 by Guest Writer
Team Staysure at the end of the ride

After yesterday, getting out of bed this morning was a struggle let alone getting on the bike again – I think frostbite was jokingly mentioned once or twice this morning.

But the finish line beckoned!

Ryan fixing his bike

Today was thankfully a little more forgiving on the legs and the stunning scenery topped off with orchard-lined roads made the peddling that much easier. Despite the odd pit-stop for a few bike repairs, the day was a dream compared to yesterday.

We still had to climb the best part of 5,000 feet along the way but the final stage of the ride however was equal parts exhilerating and breathtaking – riding along the coast with Sicily just on the horizon is a brilliant experience. Some of the towns and sights along that piece of road are simply awesome – we can’t capture everything on here but there’s plenty of pictures to look at here.

I couldn’t be prouder of our little team as we’ve finished what has been one of the physically toughest challenge we’ve ever faced.

While the ride may be over, there’s still time to donate to a very worthy cause.

It’s been a truly great adventure, our support from back home and on the ride has been exceptional and I can’t thank our fellow Strivers enough for their energy, support and company over the five days.
Team Staysure

Left – right: Chris Rolland – CEO, Ryan Howsam – Founder & Chairman, Julian Kearney – CFO

Watch the following video for a review of the final day.