Team Staysure’s STRIVE Challenge – Day Four, The Big One

Posted on September 24, 2016 by Guest Writer

Chris Rolland (CEO)

We were told that days three and four were killers and I have to disagree – day three was seriously hard work, day four is the killer.

I thought the hills were big yesterday – well they were, but today they’ve felt endless. We’ve each climbed well over 10,000 feet today, I’m reliably told that’s like going up Ben Nevis two and half times. To keep going with mountain comparisons (that’s all I can think of right now after 10 hours of cycling through them), the highest point we reached (1050 metres) was just short of Mt. Snowdon!

Another beautiful day

It’s also the first time that we’ve ridden over 100 miles. Suggestions from our supporters back home of an early finish with a cold drink and a pizza were considered very seriously. Especially towards the end of the day when night came in very quickly and we hit a few spots of road traffic.

It got incredibly cold very fast thanks to wet clothes and the freezing night air – we ended up in space blankets. Nothing that a very warm shower and a few heat packs couldn’t solve though.

All that being said, the ride between Rende and Serra San Bruno is stunning and I’d do it again in a heartbeat, minus the three previous riding days of course.

Team Staysure at the top

We’ve also now raised over £2,000 through online donations, bringing our overall total to over £17,000 – I think it goes without saying that we’re incredibly grateful of your support and Big Change will be overjoyed with the funds raised.

We’re off to get as much time in the ice baths and on the physio benches as possible – It’s the last day tomorrow of what has been a brilliant adventure.



Take a look at a summary of Day 4 in the video below.