Team Staysure’s STRIVE Challenge – Day Two, Monster Hills

Posted on September 23, 2016 by Guest Writer

Ryan Howsam (Chairman)

Day two was a bit more of a challenge to say the least. Barely an hour in and we had to climb an absolute monster of a hill with a 19% grade – I’ve been told that’s way up there with the toughest.

Man down! What a view

I was pleased as punch to make it in one run (apparently all those spinning classes paid off) but there was at least on Striver who couldn’t quite get there and took a small tumble… The view from the top however was worth every bit of hard work.

It wasn’t the only hill either, in total we climbed the best part of a mile (1,418 metres) over the course of 68 miles before finally heading in to Praia and straight on to the physio’s bench for some well-deserved treatment.

On the physio's bench

More importantly, I’ve been told we’ve hit our first landmark and raised well over £1,000 online –  It’d be great to double that by the end of tomorrow and raise very penny possible for a great cause.

You can also take a look at all of the photos we’ve taken along the way here, and there’s a full review of the second day’s ride below.