Team Staysure’s Strive Challenge – Final Preparations

Posted on September 9, 2016 by Guest Writer

Chris Rolland (CEO)

This morning was my final ride before we set off from Salerno for five days on the road.

We’re into the final stretch now – I’ve taken my bike to London to be transported to Italy.

I rode the trusty steed to the train station. It was only a few miles instead of the 100 plus we’re facing and obviously felt easy in comparison to some of the training rides I’ve been doing.

I must have looked a bit of a sight cycling around London between meetings in a suit, but at least it’s a healthier way to get about than the usual car journey.

Slightly unnerving (I hope I’m just imagining this) was a knocking on the gears but there’s no time to fix it now. I just hope the bike performs on the gruelling mountain climbs and fast hill descents that await… I trust WyndyMilla cycle shop in Surrey did a good enough job on my bike.

For a bit of inspiration I’ve watched the video of the other Strivers starting their five day hike from the base of the Matterhorn. I’m now getting really excited to be joining the core team and thinking of the good work the charity will do in helping children get the most out of life.

Wish me luck! And please donate a few pennies now. It makes it all worthwhile.