Why Your Next Holiday Should Be A Yoga Retreat

Posted on September 12, 2017 by Guest Writer
Yoga Retreat

Yoga is an ancient practice that has seen a huge surge in global popularity, thanks to its many benefits to health and wellbeing. Whilst too vast and complex to really define in a simple term, the word ‘Yoga’ literally means to ‘yoke’, ‘unite’ or ‘connect’ in some way.

It therefore centres around the idea of reconnecting all the parts of ourselves that can become fragmented and neglected in lives that rarely leave much time for personal reflection or real physical nourishment.

Imagine then, the benefits to be had from going on a retreat – where you can attend daily classes (almost always optional) and really immerse yourself in all that Yoga has to offer whilst being utterly pampered.

With so many amazing retreats now up and running, there is something for everyone – beginners included – in just about any location. Here are 5 reasons why you should book yourself a Yoga retreat.

It Works for Everyone

Yoga by its very nature is fully inclusive and can benefit all ages and bodies, no matter what you think your limitations might be. Even pre-existing injuries and health conditions can be safely addressed with the right classes and teachers. You never know, you may even surprise yourself with what your body can do.

It Really Relaxes You

Even a strong dynamic class where your whole body gets a workout whilst moving with the breath, will end with relaxation and meditation. There are also plenty of retreats geared specifically towards learning how to switch off and destress. How many holidays have you been on where you can begin the day by saluting the sun, waking up your body and mind and focussing on feeling good inside?

It Encourages Digital Detox

We don’t often think about the effects that constant use of technology has on our wellbeing. But there have been numerous studies that show the instant positive effects of taking a break from relentless communication and 24-hour news cycles. Any good retreat will encourage this digital detox, reminding you what it is to live in the moment and turn your attention inwards – albeit for a short while each day.


Whichever climates, landscapes and cultures fill you with inspiration, there will be a yoga retreat to match. Imagine opening up your lungs by practicing pranayama in fresh mountain air, lying in svasana on the beach with the sound of the sea, or taking tree pose in the middle of a rainforest. Get back to nature and boost your health in the process.

Get Looked After

In a world that never stops, we don’t often get the chance to focus on ourselves. The good news is that almost every yoga retreat offers fresh, beautiful food and an array of luxury treatments to really cleanse and nourish the body from the inside out. Add to that the chance to pass all responsibility over to the pros, and you have yourself the perfect recipe to relax and unwind.