Alcohol is the biggest cause of holiday disaster as brits play game of chance in search of fun in the sun

Posted on October 16, 2017 by Guest Writer
Holiday Hiccups
  • Half of Brits have sought medical attention whilst on holiday
  • 55% admit to travelling abroad without adequate medical cover
  • Alcohol is named as the biggest driver of holiday disasters
  • Almost half (46%) admit having a blazing row with their partner on holiday

Over half of Brits (55 per cent) admit to heading overseas without adequate medical cover, despite the fact that 49 per cent will experience a medical emergency at least once in their lifetime whilst abroad, according to a new survey.

Research recently conducted by Staysure found that almost half of Brits have had to seek medical attention on foreign jaunts, with alcohol blamed as the number one driver of holiday disasters.

One in three holidaymakers have knowingly travelled abroad without any sort of travel insurance at all, despite the knowledge of costly medical bills for those unlucky few who come unstuck in the sun.

Of those who travelled abroad without buying insurance, a shocking 13 per cent claimed they’ve never purchased it, whilst nearly half said they didn’t realise they needed protection to cover their medical expenses.

When it comes to sun, sea and sangria, alcohol has been named as the number one contributing factor to Brits misfortunes abroad, with 45 per cent blaming one too many drinks as the cause for a trip to A&E.

Arguing with a partner has also been cited as the biggest bugbear Brits faced on holiday as 46 per cent of couples admit to having blazing rows abroad.

Next most common holiday frustration is an upset stomach with a third of travellers being struck down with the dreaded illness while abroad.

In close third place of most common holiday mishaps are the much talked about delayed flights (29%) and insect bites come in fourth, with 23 per cent naming gnarly knats as the most frustrating part of their trips.

Staysure’s Chairman, Ryan Howsam said: “After planning, preparing and looking forward to a holiday, we all want our trips to go as smoothly as possible but unfortunately some things are just out of our control.  Starting off your holiday with a delayed flight or enduring a tummy bug can be extremely frustrating and upsetting for those who just want to enjoy that well-earned break.

“Worryingly, our research shows many holidaymakers are still travelling without any travel insurance cover at all.  As the data suggests, many have needed medical attention abroad, so we urge travellers to ensure they have the right cover to avoid what can be significant medical costs.  It’s also important to declare any pre-existing medical conditions.”

Ryan added: “It seems that alcohol plays a major part, with many holidaymakers finding themselves in sticky situations or ending up in hospital due to excessive drinking.

“There’s nothing wrong in enjoying a drink on holiday but it appears that like with many things, moderation is key and drinking sensibly can help to eliminate the chance of any unforeseen holiday hiccups.”

See list below of the most common holiday hiccups;

  1. Delayed flight
  2. Becoming Ill / Upset stomach
  3. Insect bites
  4. Sunstroke
  5. Poor hotel hygiene
  6. Blisters from flip-flops
  7. Arguing and breaking up with a partner
  8. Food poisoning
  9. Lost luggage
  10. Fell out with travelling companions
  11. Forgetting a phone charger and/or Kindle
  12. Losing a mobile phone
  13. Hotel miles from a beach
  14. Missed a flight
  15. Being robbed
  16. Overbooked hotel
  17. Hotel situated in party capital
  18. Broke a bone
  19. Lost passport
  20. Accident in hire car

Sourced from an independent survey of over 2,000 UK adults