What is Cyber Monday?

Posted on November 13, 2017 by Guest Writer

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when the phrase ‘Cyber Monday’ would have been most at home in a sci-fi thriller. Yet it made its debut just twelve years ago in 2005, and now marks one of the biggest days in the online retail calendar.

The term ‘Cyber Monday’ was first coined by a marketing team at Shop.org – a division of the National Retail Federation – after a study revealed a notable spike in online sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Much like its well-known counterpart Black Friday, Cyber Monday started life in the USA and has since taken the world by storm and is now frequently referred to as the busiest internet shopping day of the year.

However, unlike the madness of Black Friday, where images of people wrestling over clothes and televisions make headlines each year, Cyber Monday allows us to enjoy the sales from the comfort of our own home. Gadgets are a firm favourite with shoppers picking up all kinds of electrical bargains just in time for Christmas.

So if you want to revel in the satisfaction of picking up a bargain without the hassle of Black Friday madness, all you have to do is sit tight for the weekend and be ready to check-in on your device as soon as the clock strikes twelve.